The Best Places to Live In Puerto Rico

Whether you’re moving to Puerto Rico or just purchasing a vacation home, you’ll want to find the best place to live. San Juan, the capital, is the biggest city but many others are also very nice. No matter where you live on this beautiful island, you’ll find great weather all year long. You’ll also find wonderful people and a laid-back lifestyle. In this article, we’ll tell you all about the best places to live in Puerto Rico.

The Best Places to Live in Puerto Rico

Live in Dorado, Puerto Rico

The “big city” life of San Juan, while good for some folks, isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, so to speak. Only 25 miles to the west however is Dorado, a beautiful little town with a wonderful atmosphere. Dorado includes several gated communities, and all the amenities you might want. The luxury real estate with direct beach access in Dorado is relatively expensive. However, there are other communities in Dorado that are affordable. They also have several English language schools there including the Dorado Academy.

Live in Rio Mar, Puerto Rico

To the east of San Juan, you’ll find Rio Mar. It’s only 30 minutes away, but you’ll feel like you’ve traveled to the outskirts of the island because it’s so calm. Yes, there’s a bit less nightlife and fewer restaurants, but Rio Mar makes up for that with some of the most spectacular beaches in Puerto Rico. If peace, tranquility, and a super-chill lifestyle are what you’re looking for, Rio Mar is a great choice. Plus it’s very close to El Yunque National Forest which is spectacular!

Live in San Juan, the Captial of Puerto Rico

We couldn’t put together a list of the best places to live without including San Juan. As the largest city in Puerto Rico, you’ll find a lot more homes and condominiums in San Juan. Plus, you’ll find nightlife galore and some of the best restaurants on the island. San Juan, like most large cities, has several neighborhoods. These are some of the best:


Beaches, condos and plenty of shopping and restaurants make Condado a favorite.

Hato Rey

This is the financial center of Puerto Rico. Very quiet after dark.


One of the smallest neighborhoods, Miramar still has plenty of amenities.

Ocean Park

This residential neighborhood has a nice mix of homes and condos

Old San Juan

This is the tourist destination. It has old world charm but is full of tourists.

Puerto de Tierra

More condos, fewer people, and quiet living. Only 1 road in and out, however, which can be a pain.


If living the real-life with the wonderful people of Puerto Rico is your goal, Santurce is your destination.

Living in San Juan Puerto Rico

Live in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico

A municipality of Carolina, Isla Verde is close enough to San Juan to make driving there convenient. It also boasts one of the most beautiful beaches in North America (USA Today #1 in 2016!) and more affordable condominium and home prices than other areas.

Live on the West Coast, Puerto Rico

The West Coast is the vacation destination for most native Puerto Ricans. This area of Puerto Rico offers a laid-back island lifestyle that is very alluring. If surfing and sunsets are on your list of favorite things, the West Coast offers both. Rincon, Aguada, and Aguadilla are three of the best towns to choose from, with similar amenities and the same laid-back atmosphere.

Live in Bucana Barrio, Puerto Rico

With a population of approximately 3000, Bucana Barrio is quite small. However, it is also very quiet and safe. The home prices are on the low-end and the cost-of-living is very good. On the other hand, employment opportunities for young professionals are few and far between. There’s also quite a bit less nightlife than other areas of Puerto Rico. This is one of the better places on the island to retire on a moderate income or, if you work remotely, raise a family.

Live in Guaynabo Pueblo, Puerto Rico

On the northern coast of Puerto Rico sits Guaynabo Pueblo. Many consider it one of the best places to live on the entire island. Working here is a bit difficult because of the lack of jobs but, if you don’t mind a bit of a commute, it’s still a good choice. There’s plenty of transport links, a wide variety of family-friendly activities, and a humming nightlife. With less than 4000 residents you will surely get to know many of your neighbors.

Live in Ponce, Puerto Rico

On the central southern coast of Puerto Rico is the second-largest city on the island, Ponce. One of Puerto Rico’s historical centers, You’ll love ponce for its art scene, culture, and live music. Ponce hosts several festivals during the year and is famous for its high-quality healthcare services.

Live in Cayey, Puerto Rico

At an altitude of 1500 meters, Cayey sits in the central mountains of Puerto Rico and offers temperatures that are less hot and humid than the coast. If you’re retiring and want to live somewhere you can spend a lot of time outdoors Cayey is for you. The town is also very close to the Carite Forest Reserve and the lush mountain beauty that it offers.

Living in Puerto Rico San Juan

Renting a Self-Storage Unit While You Live in Puerto Rico

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The Best Places to Live In Puerto Rico: In Closing

Hopefully, you’ve seen a town or city you like on our list. There are many more, of course, so starting your search for a place to live before you arrive in Puerto Rico is a good idea. In any case, we hope you thoroughly enjoyed this article and that it gave you answers to some of your most pressing questions. If you have more, need advice, or would like to leave a nice comment, please do in the space provided, and best of luck finding a new place to live in Puerto Rico!

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