What’s It Like Living in Albany, GA?

Living in Albany, GA, is affordable and laid-back. Albany has a lot to offer, especially for retirees and families with older children. This Georgia town is in the southwest part of the state near the Florida border.

So, what’s it like living in Albany, GA? Albany is full of fun things to do, great weather, and affordable homes. Read on to find out more!

living in Albany GA

The Days (and Nights) in Albany are Exciting and Fun

Small as it is, Albany offers a lot of fun things to do, especially at night. From crafty micro-breweries to live performances at the Theatre Albany, there’s always something to do under the moon’s glow. Escape Rooms are popular here, especially on the weekends. Then there’s Charley B’s Sports Bar & Grill, a lively, fun place to get together with friends. If dancing and carousing are your types of fun, you’ll fit right in!

If you’re not a big fan of nightlife or have kids, no problem! There are plenty of activities and attractions during the day too, while living in Albany, GA! Fancy some golf? The Flint River Municipal Golf Course is the place. Radium Springs Garden is a spectacular park and a must-see, and don’t miss the hallowed Ray Charles Memorial. Below are some of the best places to have fun, relax, and blow off steam in Albany.

living in Albany GA

You’ll Never See Snow in Albany, GA

In deeply southern towns like Albany, people seldom utter the word “snow”. That’s because it stays warm down here the entire year. (Don’t tell people back in New York, Chicago, or Boston!) Now, truth be told, it is exceedingly warm during the summer. You can expect temperatures in the mid-to-upper 90s from June through August, with September staying hot most years too.

In other words, the climate in Albany is warm most of the year and never truly cold. We get a comfort index score of 7 out of 10, which isn’t perfect but isn’t bad, either. You’ll barely ever need a winter jacket or coat here, or galoshes, for that matter. That being said, in summer, don’t stray far from the air conditioning (because you’ll surely need it). Indeed, many folks who move from “up north” store their winter things in an Albany, GA storage unit. That way, when they visit folks back home, they’re still prepared for the cold and snow.

You’ll Be Able to Buy a House While Living in Albany, GA

With the cost of housing exploding all around the United States, it’s refreshing to find a town with affordable housing. That’s precisely what you’ll find in Albany, Georgia. The median home value here is under $100,000, which is less than half of the national average. The median rent is exceptional also at just under $740 per month. (That’s $400 less than the national average, a helpful sum no matter your financial situation.)

living in Albany GA

Living in Albany, GA is Affordable

The overall cost of living in Albany is 23% less than the national average. That’s not bad and would be a welcome financial situation for many and other parts of the country. Some expenses in Albany, though, aren’t as affordable as others. Below is a list of the most significant cost indices in Albany to give you an idea.

  • Overall Cost of Living: 23% lower than the national average
  • Groceries: 7% lower than the national average
  • Health care: 9% higher than the national average (Take note of this if you’re retired!)
  • Housing costs: 59% lower than the national average (One of the lowest in the US!)
  • Utilities: 2% higher than the national average
  • Transportation: 23% lower than the national average
  • Miscellaneous: 5% lower than the national average

People in Albany Store a Lot of Things

Many folks in Albany rent storage units to store things like work tools, boats, RVs, and farm equipment. There are 4 Southern Self Storage facilities nearby to help, offering safe, clean, and secure Albany storage units. They include locations in Albany, GA, Valdosta, GA, and Thomasville, GA. (Valdosta has two convenient locations.)

If you have questions about storage units in Albany, GA, you can chat with us online anytime. Or, better still, come on by and see the location nearest you. The on-site manager will be pleased as punch to show you around! They can also start the rental process, or you can easily do that online yourself. (It takes less than 10 minutes!)

living in Albany GA

Final Thoughts on Living in Albany, GA

If a laid-back town with warm weather and excellent amenities is your dream, Albany is the place for you. The people are friendly, the amenities are plenty, and the cost of living is affordable. You’ll get a lot more home for a lot less money in this part of the US, that’s for sure. Plus, the Florida coast is only 2 hours away when you need some beach time! In short, it’s a great place to live, work and call home. We’re sure you’ll love living here in Albany because, hey, we do too.

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