Fun Things To Do in Slidell, Louisana

Slidell is a quiet, inviting suburb of New Orleans. About 35 minutes north of the fabulous French Quarter in New Orleans, Slidell, LA has tons of fun things to do and restaurants to visit! We’re also close to the casinos and beaches of Mississippi’s Gulf Coast.

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All About Slidell, LA and the Fun Things to Do Here!

If you’re moving to Slidell, you probably have many questions about the nightlife, the community, and its vibe. If so, below, we have a list of the most fun, exciting, and interesting things to do in Slidell, LA. Also, check out this article on the Pros and Cons of Living in Slidell, LA!

Head Out on an Exciting Swamp Tour

Have you ever heard of the Honey Island and Pearl River Swamps? If not, you will soon! That’s because hundreds of thousands of tourists take swamp tours there every year! Indeed, here on the “Northshore,” swamp tours are the number one most popular thing to do. All the amazing swamps around Lake Pontchartrain are filled to the brim with wildlife, especially alligators! It’s not only impressive but quite educational for the entire family. It’s also one of the most thrilling things to do in Slidell, LA.

Take a Walking Tour of the Garden District

Being this close to The Big Easy means one of the things residents of Slidell, LA get to do is enjoy its culture and beauty. One of the most beautiful and indeed breathtaking places is the Garden District. Yes, you can certainly explore the Garden District on your own, but with a guide, it’s so much better! Most of the Garden District tours focus on architecture, history, and the unique plant life in abundance.

The tour guides also add in personal anecdotes, which can be very amusing. By the way, there are several tours of different kinds in and around Garden City. Here is a smattering of the things you’ll see during those tours, including:

  • The lovely oak-lined trees of the American sector.
  • The Saint Charles Avenue Streetcar.
  • The famous Garden City District Book Shop
  • The amazingly eerie Buckner Mansion.
  • The homes or Archie, Peyton, and Eli Manning, the famous NFL football stars.
  • The above-ground tombs of Lafayette cemetery.
Things To Do in Slidell

Experience the Excitement that is Mardi Gras in Sidell

Slidell residents are some of the luckiest in the United States. Why? Because they get to enjoy Mardi Gras every year, it comes to town. Known as the “greatest free show on earth,” Mardi Gras is an explosion of creativity, color, and fun! That’s especially true on Saint Charles Avenue, where massive parades roll by on their way to the French quarter. This is definitely one of the top things to do in Slidell, LA!

What’s astounding is that Mardi Gras doesn’t last a day or even a weekend. It’s literally a season here, with celebrations that go on for weeks at a time. Starting January 6th until “Fat Tuesday,” sometime in early February, the party never stops! Many people rent Slidell, LA storage units just for Mardi Gras. That way, they can store all of their costumes and paraphernalia. The people who make the marvelous Mardi Gras parade floats store their stuff in a Slidell storage unit too.

Things To Do in Slidell

Enjoy the Phenomenal Jazz and Heritage Festival

Towards the end of April and beginning of May, there’s a weeklong festival in New Orleans you simply can’t miss; The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival! Affectionately called “Jazzfest” by the locals. The name Jazzfest belies the fact that the festival is all about Louisiana’s culture and diversity. Knowing that you won’t be surprised to hear R&B, rock, gospel, folk, and Afro-Caribbean music. (Don’t forget Cajun, Bluegrass, and rap also.)

The hundreds of food booths will also please your pallet perfectly. From beignets to Cajun jambalaya, fried green tomatoes, boiled crawfish, and incredible crabcakes, it’s a foodie’s dream come true and can give you a taste of great restaurants in Slidell, LA! They even set up two stages just for cooking and showing off the culinary pedigree of Louisiana. (Free samples of delectable food? Yes, please!) This is one of our top fun things to do in Slidell, LA.

Things To Do in Slidell

Honorable Mentions

There are, to be sure, many other things to do in and around Slidell, LA. Below are a few of the best of the rest!

  • Camp Salmen Nature Park
  • Fontainebleau State Park
  • Canal Street
  • The Port of New Orleans
  • Mercedes Benz Superdome (Home of the NFL’s Saints!)
  • Infinity Science Center
  • Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company
  • Buccaneer State Park
  • Mississippi’s beautiful beaches

Recap – Things to Do in Slidell, LA

Slidell is a beautiful, quiet, and safe place to live. It’s also exciting and fun, with many opportunities for adventure, decadence, and delicious food. Our proximity to the Paris of the South doesn’t hurt, either. (We consider it a huge bonus.)

We’re Southern Self Storage, the storage experts in this neck of the woods. If you have questions about storage in Slidell, you can chat with an online manager anytime! Even better, stop into one of our self-storage facilities and say hello. The on-site manager will be more than happy to show you around and answer all of your questions! Until then, we wish you all the best in your new Slidell home. We hope you’re as happy living and working here as we are!

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