Living in Slidell Louisiana, LA Pros & Cons

The good, the bad, and the excellent about living in Slidell, Louisiana

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Living in Slidell, LA

Of course, every town has its good side and bad side, and Slidell is no different. If you’re moving here, knowing those good and bad things can be beneficial. To that end, we offer this quick and easy guide to the Pros and Cons of Living in Slidell, LA. Use it to plan your move to the town we love to call home! By the way, when you arrive, if you need a storage unit in Slidell, we have you covered. Read on to find out everything you need to know about Slidell, LA!

PRO: Slidell’s Cost of Living is Quite Affordable

With a score of 88/100, Slidell, LA is affordable, although slightly higher than Louisiana overall (87/100). One of the main reasons why our town is cheaper is housing, which gets 65/100. That’s a huge plus and will give your budget a big break every month. Groceries, healthcare, and utility costs are all lower than the national average, too. Transportation and miscellaneous, while higher, are only slightly higher than the national average. What it boils down to is that Slidell is affordable, making it perfect for young families and retirees alike. It’s one of the biggest pros of all the pros and cons of living in Slidell, LA.

CON: The Weather in Slidell, LA Can Be Severe

Overall the weather in Slidell is some of the best in the United States. On the other hand, though, we do see severe weather every few years. That’s because Slidell, like many other Louisiana towns near New Orleans, sits smack-dab in the middle of “hurricane alley.” (Hurricane Katrina infamously devastated the entire area, including Slidell, in 2005.)

Another problem the weather causes is that, in summer, it’s hot as blazes in Slidell. During the months of June, July, August, and September, some people find the heat unbearable and the humidity suffocating. Still, there’s always an air-conditioned location where you can rest, relax and chill. Overall, the weather in Slidell, LA, isn’t a huge con, but it can be problematic at times.

Living in Slidell, LA

PRO: The Diversity Living in Slidell, LA

We mentioned this earlier when talking about the food scene here; Slidell is very diverse. There is a wide range of ethnicities and cultures in our town, all living peacefully side by side. Nearly half the population has a college degree, and dozens of different languages are spoken here too. If a wide range of opinions, customs, and languages are what you seek, Slidell is perfect. Our diversity is one of the biggest pros of all the pros and cons of living in Slidell, LA. 

PRO: The Food and Food Scene in Slidell, LA is Marvelous

Here in Slidell and Louisiana as a whole, the food is simply delicious. That’s because, like the rest of the state, Slidell is a real melting pot. The different ethnicities here, and cultures, combine to create a cuisine scene that’s as diverse as anywhere on the planet. There’s Creole, of course, and Cajun, but the unique delicacies are what we love best. Marvelous muffuletta, for instance, and savory gumbo. Andouille and crawfish are two more standout dishes that have made our part of the country famous, food-wise. And if you leave Slidell without enjoying a few mouthwatering beignets, shame on you! Of all the pros and cons of living in Slidell, LA, the food scene here is one huge pro. Like our famous Tabasco sauce, Slidell’s amazing chefs are serving up some heat in their respective restaurants!

Living in Slidell, LA

CON: Crime and Safety Living in Slidell, LA

You won’t find many large towns or cities in America that are perfectly safe, sad to say. In Slidell, we could do with some improvement also, although overall our town is relatively safe. We get a C score for both, although violent crime is, thankfully, lower than property crime. For example, we have 25% more property crime than the national average. We’re 50% lower, though, in terms of murder and 75% lower for rape, both of which are excellent news. 

And there they are, the essential pros and cons of living in Slidell, LA. We hope they help you when making all your upcoming decisions. We’re Southern Self Storage, the storage experts in these parts! If you need a storage unit in Slidell or have questions about storage, we can help! You can chat with a manager online anytime or come down to see us at one of our locations. Until then, if you’ve just moved in, we hope you love living in Slidell as much as we do!

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  1. I can tell anyone about Slidell I live there for 20years it is nince and peaceful there you have so many outdoor activities to do there and see the beauty of it too you can do so much there anyone that goes there will enjoy living there are just visiting there I was born and raised in new Orleans Louisiana there is alot of crime there and still is

  2. But new Orleans la is still is a beautiful place there is so much to there to live the famous french quarter there with so many stores there in there you can enjoy yourselves there to see it is a big city there are so many parks there you can see they call this place old new Orleans and has some musums there to it will take you back into the past of the history there in 1812there was the battle of new Orleans there they still have se remains of some forts there you can see

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