Top Fun and Exciting Things to Do in Gretna, LA

Downtown New Orleans aerial view

On the West Bank of the Mississippi River lies the vibrant city of Gretna, Louisiana. One of the hidden gems of the south, Gretna offers various activities, attractions, and culinary delights to satisfy everyone in your family. With a unique and rich blend of history and diversity and proximity to the fantastic city of New Orleans, Gretna truly has something for everyone.

If you’re visiting soon and want to know what to do, see, and enjoy during your stay, you’re in luck! Below is a list of the top 8 fun, exciting, and interesting things to do in Gretna, LA, brought to you by the storage experts at Southern Self Storage.

A Note About the Weather in Gretna, LA

You will be pleased to know that Gretna’s weather is excellent for many activities, making it an appealing destination for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. Gretna has a humid, subtropical climate with highly mild winters that are quite enjoyable. Winters are offset by summers that are often sweltering, hot, and humid, with temperatures that rise into the 90s F and usually higher.

Rain is more or less evenly distributed throughout the year, with summer thunderstorms being typical. This, of course, helps keep the area green and lush. Spring and fall in Gretna are the best times of year, with lots of sun, warm weather, low humidity, and fewer insects.

Top 8 Things to Do in Gretna, LA

1. Visit Gretna City Park

Gretna City Park is an expansive green space perfect for families, nature lovers, and exercise enthusiasts. It has several playgrounds, picnic areas, and sports facilities and is one of the most popular parks in the area. It’s also a perfect location for family outings and hosts many community events throughout the year.

2. Shop Local Produce and Crafts at the Gretna Farmers Market

Farmers market with vendor selling fruit

Few farmer’s markets are as lively and vibrant as Gretna Farmers Market, held weekly downtown. With fresh, locally sourced produce, artisanal crafts, and many homemade goods, you’ll find everything you need to serve your family fantastic food and keep a beautiful home. The farmers market is also a favorite gathering spot for the community, where you can enjoy live music and cooking demonstrations.

3. Bicycle along the Gretna Heritage Trail

If you love picturesque bike rides, there’s nothing better than the Gretna Heritage Trail. It’s designed for pedestrians and cyclists and is safe and enjoyable. It’s also the best way to explore Gretna’s rich history, outstanding natural beauty, and landscapes. Signs along the way will give you insight into some historical points of reference, allowing you to go on a self-guided tour through the city’s heart.

4. See a Show, Performance, or Workshop at the Gretna Cultural Center for the Arts

A true beacon of creative expression and community in the heart of Gretna, the Gretna Cultural Center for the Arts hosts various events throughout the year. These include art exhibitions, educational programs, theatrical performances, and workshops. The center serves as a platform for local talent in Gretna and a place for the community to gather.

6. Enjoy Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Mardi gras parade with multiple people dressed up

If you’re a fan of Mardi Gras, you’ll be tickled pink to know that Gretna is a scant 15 minutes from New Orleans. You don’t even have to drive there because you can take the Algiers Ferry, which links Gretna to the foot of Canal Street! Gretna is close enough that you can enjoy the city’s culture, music, and cuisine regularly.

7. Enjoy Cozy, Community-Centered Nightlife

Although Gretna doesn’t have the same over-the-top nightlife in New Orleans, it has a community-oriented vibe and a unique charm. Gretna’s bars and clubs are well known for their friendly atmosphere and welcoming staff. There are plenty of places to enjoy live music, including jazz, zydeco, and the blues. There’s also the Gretna Heritage Festival, which features music, food, crafts, and more!

8. Go Fishing and Crabbing in Bayou Segnette State Park

Just a short drive from Gretna lies Bayou Segnette State Park, which has fresh and saltwater access. That makes it an excellent place for fishing, boating, and crabbing. You’ll find boat launches, picnic areas, and many folks having a good time. Gretna is also close enough for a day fishing trip to the Gulf of Mexico. Gretna has several marinas, public docks, and piers that allow you to fish and crab without needing a boat. (Do get your fishing and crabbing license, though.)

The Top 7 Restaurants

Bowl of pho with various spices on the table

The food scene in Gretna is a fantastic fusion of local flavors, southern hospitality, and a dash of international cuisine. In short, it reflects the diverse cultural influences that have shaped this vibrant community for years. You’ll find authentic Creole and Cajun creations that pay homage to the town’s rich culinary heritage, with ties to Italy, Mexico, and Vietnam.

The local seafood in Gretna, especially the oysters, crawfish, and golf shrimp, is the show’s star! When you combine that with the wide range of dining environments you’ll see that Gretna is a foodie’s delight! Below are 7 of the best restaurants in town, but rest assured, several more are worth visiting!

  • Tony Mandina’s – Known for its authentic Italian cuisine, Tony Mandina’s has been a staple for years.
  • Pho Tau Bay – is the go-to spot for Vietnamese cuisine, especially pho, thanks to its rich, flavorful broth and fresh ingredients.
  • Red Maple Restaurant – Serving classic American dishes and seafood, The Red Maple provides a warm, inviting atmosphere perfect for family dinners.
  • Gattuso’s Neighborhood Bar & Restaurant – Gattuso’s is well-loved for its lively atmosphere, extensive beer selection, and hearty pub fare, making it a favorite local hangout.
  • Banana Blossom Thai Cafe – Serving innovative Thai dishes, Banana Blossom has earned many accolades for its flavor and creativity.
  • Saffron NOLA – A sophisticated twist on traditional Indian cuisine, this lovely eatery is a must in Gretna.
  • DiMartino’s Famous New Orleans Muffulettas – Authentic, generously stuffed muffulettas and other scrumptious NOLA fare? Yes, please!
  • El Mesquite Grill – Authentic Mexican dishes and a vibrant ambiance make El Mesquite Grill a go-to for anyone craving south-of-the-border flavors.
  • Café 615 Home of Da Wabbit – With a quirky name and a menu full of comfort food classics, Café 615 is renowned for its homestyle cooking.
  • Huey P’s Pizzeria – Delicious, hand-tossed pizzas in a family-friendly environment make Huey P’s a local favorite for pizza lovers.

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