Top Tips for Preparing Your Jet Ski for Self Storage

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There’s no doubt jet skiing is one of the most thrilling water sports around. However, storing your jet ski properly is essential when the season comes to a close. That goes whether you’re storing it for a few days or a few months. To help ensure that your jet ski stays in pristine condition while stored, the storage experts at Southern Self Storage put together this list of the top tips for preparing your jet ski for self-storage. Read on to discover them all, and keep your vehicle in acceptable condition when you’re not enjoying yourself out on the water.

Note: The following tips are intended for general informational purposes only and may not be suitable for all jet ski models or situations. Always refer to your specific jet ski’s Owner’s Manual for precise instructions. For technical tasks, we recommend consulting with professional maintenance services to ensure your jet ski is handled according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.  

1. Clean Your Jet Ski After Every Use with Fresh Water

No matter where you use your jet ski, you should clean it well with fresh water after every use. This is especially true if you use your jet ski in salt water. The salt can quickly corrode important parts and cause a lot of headaches and extra costs down the road. It’s also crucial to pay attention to your jet ski’s engine and jet nozzle and ensure they’re kept clean and free of debris.

2. Add Fuel Stabilizer To the Fuel Tank

Another good idea if you’re storing your jet ski long-term, is to add a fuel stabilizer to the fuel tank. This can prevent future problems, including debris buildup in your gas tank and the gasoline going “bad”. Before doing this, refer to the proper steps for adding fuel stabilizer in your jet ski’s owner’s manual.

3. Maintenance Before Storage

Anything to do with maintenance such as changing the oil, changing the filter, flushing the engine, or removing the spark plugs, is a good idea when you plan on storing it long-term. We recommend speaking with a professional about maintenance services and referring to your jet ski’s owner’s manual, as you should do with any technical aspect of your jet ski. This will ensure it is ready to hit the waters immediately next season!

4. Check (and Possibly Remove) Your Battery

One thing that’s highly recommended when you store your jet ski long-term is to remove its battery and store it in a cool, dry place. It might also interest you to use a trickle charger to keep your battery in excellent condition while your jet ski is being stored. That way, when you’re ready to use it again, the battery will be ready to go!

5. Drain-All Water from Your Jet ski

Two jet skis docked on a beach

One mistake many jet ski owners make is to leave water in their jet ski. The problem is, sometimes, it’s difficult to determine if all of the water has been drained out. Check your owner’s manual and discover where the drainage points are on your jet ski. Then, ensure these points are all open, and all water drains out before storing your vehicle.

6. Maintain Your Trailer Well

Although this doesn’t affect your jet ski, per se, if you don’t maintain your trailer well, you might find yourself on the side of the road rather than enjoying yourself out on the water. Several things you should check include the inflation of your trailer’s tires, the lubrication of your trailer’s moving parts, and the hitch in safe condition.

7. Choose the Best Storage Unit and Location

It’s critical you choose a self storage facility that is safe, secure and provides the highest level of both. Southern Self Storage has the top safety and security features in the storage industry, including 24/7 video security cameras, well-lit parking lots, on-site managers, and electronic, keypad-controlled front gates.

8. Lubricate Necessary Parts Well

Like all machines, the typical Jet ski has many parts that should be, and stay, well lubricated. Before storage, lubricate anything necessary is important. This will keep those parts in pristine condition, prevent corrosion, and ensure your jet ski is ready to go the next time you’re headed out for some fun in the sun.

9. Use a Quality Jet Ski Cover

Although a jet ski cover might not be necessary inside a storage unit, if you want to prevent dust and debris from settling on your jet ski while it’s being stored, a good jet ski cover is recommended. This is also true if you rent a storage space outside in a storage facility so that you can protect your jet ski from the elements, including sun, rain, snow, hail, and so forth.

10. Ensure Proper Ventilation

This last tip concerns ventilation in your storage unit. This refers to the air circulation around your jet ski, which should be as much as possible to keep it dry, reduce moisture, and prevent corrosion, mold, mildew, and other unwanted situations from forming.

Store Your Jet Ski Safely with Southern Self Storage

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Whether you have one or several jet skis that you need to store, Southern Self Storage can help you do it in a secure way. Our self storage units are first class, with top safety features, convenience, all around and affordable prices. Southern also has climate-controlled storage units that can add an extra layer of protection while storing your jet ski.

If you need help determining what size storage unit you need, check out our storage unit size guide for help. When ready, you can reserve a storage unit online without a deposit or credit card. Until then, we hope the tips provided today for preparing your jet ski for self storage have been extremely helpful!