New Orleans Boat Storage 101: How to Winterize

Let’s be honest; it doesn’t get all that cold in New Orleans during the winter. Even so, it’s still essential you winterize your boat as we move into November and December. That way, come next spring, she’ll be ready to take out on the water once again. (Who doesn’t love fresh shrimp?!). There are so many sights, sounds, and smells to experience when boating in New Orleans.

Winterizing your boat in New Orleans isn’t all that difficult. It does take a bit of time, energy, and preparation to do it right. You want to prep your boat correctly and well protected from the elements. Let’s take a look at our tips for Boat Storage 101: Winterize in New Orleans.

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Taking Your Boat Out of the Water

If you can trailer your boat, it’s preferable to take it out of the water for winterizing. Obviously, salt water is extremely corrosive and damaging. It can eat through wood like termites on steroids and turn stainless steel into corroded junk. It’s not great for your boat’s hull either end, for outboard engines, is absolutely the worst. 

If you don’t have a trailer, you should find a marina that can lift your boat out of the water. It’s truly the best way to make sure your boat provides as many years of pleasure as possible. Also, once it’s out of the water, you can scrape and clean your boat’s hull. Additionally, giving it a fresh coat of anti-fouling paint to prevent barnacles next season will then be much more comfortable.

Boat Storage 101: Flush All Systems and Change All Fluids

Whatever type of engine your boat uses, make sure to flush all intake and cooling systems thoroughly. That saltwater can damage the inside of your engine and needs to be thoroughly flushed out. In addition, draining any excess water out of your boat is a necessity. Leaving any in there over the winter can damage delicate systems as well as create nasty mold and mildew.

If you have an inboard/outboard engine, it’s a good idea to change the oil and filter. Another is to empty any portable fuel tanks you use on your boat. However, don’t dump the gasoline. (It’s illegal, dangerous, and damaging to the planet!) You can use it at home in your lawnmower, in your car, or any other device that’s gasoline-powered. If you have built-in fuel tanks, filling them up is a better idea. This prevents condensation from ruining your gas. Adding a bottle of a fuel stabilizer is also a solid idea when winterizing your boat in New Orleans.

Cleaning and Drying All Boating Gear

No matter what type of boat you own, you likely have all sorts of gear you use with it. From lifejackets to fishing poles, skis, ropes, and bumpers, all that gear should be thoroughly rinsed with fresh water. Afterward, you should let everything dry completely in the sun before storing it in your boat. Mold and mildew can destroy boating gear in just a few weeks. The last thing you want is to open your boat next season and find an ugly, disgusting mess.

Clean, Oil and Wax All Boat Surfaces for Storage

Cleaning, oiling, and waxing every surface on your boat is just as crucial as cleaning all your boating gear. This will remove any excess salt as well as provide a protective coating against the elements. It’s the best way to protect your boat while it’s in dry storage in New Orleans. You should oil teak surfaces so that they don’t dry out and begin to rot. (Replacing teak can get pretty darned expensive, no doubt!)

Boat Storage: Covering Your Boat

You must cover your boat after you winterize it. Many marinas in New Orleans will shrink wrap it for you, which is an excellent solution. That will protect it from the elements, including rain, sleet, dust, dirt, and sun. Moreover, it prevents any critters from making a nest in your boat over the winter. If you can’t have it shrink-wrapped, using a heavy-duty tarp is another solution. Just make sure to use plenty of tie-downs to fasten it safely and securely.

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Winter Boat Storage In New Orleans

One of the most important questions for winterizing your boat in New Orleans is where to store it. For most people, storing it at home isn’t an option. You could store it at a marina but, frankly, that’s an expensive proposition. That’s why a great choice is to store it with Southern Self-Storage. You can read more about our boat storage options on our website. 

At Southern Self-Storage, we offer affordable parking spaces for boats of various sizes. Our facilities are safe, clean, and highly secure. Video cameras are on duty 24/7, and our large front gates are keypad-controlled for extra safety. Plus, all our locations have on-site managers that can help you with any boat storage situation. We even offer extended hours so that you can come in early or leave late. Speaking of which, if you come in at night you’ll find all our locations very well lit.

Renting a boat storage space in New Orleans from Southern Self-Storage is easy-peasy. Simply fill in our online reservation application, choose the area you need, and that’s it! When you arrive at our facility, your space (or storage unit) will be ready! There’s no deposit necessary either, and we only offer month-to-month leases. That way, you can store with us for as many months as you need. You’ll never have to worry about being stuck in a long-term contract with Southern Self Storage!.

By the way, if you store your boat with us, you can take it out any time you like. If the weather’s great and you feel like getting out on the water for a day, it’s never a problem!

Best Of Luck With Your Seasonal Boat Storage in New Orleans

Although the boating season might be over, next year will be here before you know it! If you winterize your boat correctly, it should be ready to go next season, no problem! If you have any questions, you can chat with a Southern Self Storage manager online right now. Or, if you’re ready to rent a space or storage unit, fill in our straightforward application! We’ll take great care of your boat until you’re ready to hit the water again next season!

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