Reasons to Move to Jackson Mississippi for College

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When choosing a destination for higher education, many college students focus on big cities or traditional college towns. However, for those looking for a change of pace and a unique experience, Jackson, Mississippi is an excellent option that should be on your list.

The city offers a wide range of educational opportunities, a low cost of living, and plenty of opportunities for entertainment and recreation, making it an ideal destination for college students. Continue reading to find out what makes Jackson MS, such a great city to continue your education.

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What is Higher Education in Jackson like?

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One of the main reasons college students should consider Jackson is the variety of educational opportunities available. The city is home to several colleges and universities, including Jackson State University, Millsaps College, and the University of Mississippi Medical Center. These institutions offer a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as continuing education opportunities.

Jackson State University, in particular, is one of the city’s largest public university and offers a wide range of program. Millsaps College is a small, highly ranked liberal arts college. In addition, the University of Mississippi Medical Center is the state’s only academic health science center and a significant contributor to the city’s economy.

What is the Cost of Living in Jackson?

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Another reason college students should consider Jackson is the cost of living. The city has a relatively low cost of living compared to many other cities, making it an attractive option for students on a budget. Housing costs are particularly affordable, with the median home price being about $150,000, and rent is relatively inexpensive. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is around $800. Additionally, necessities such as food, transportation, and healthcare are more affordable than in many other cities.

What is the Job Market Like in Jackson?

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When it comes to finding a job or internship, Jackson offers a diverse job market, with major industries including healthcare, government, and education. For example, the University of Mississippi Medical Center, one of the state’s larger employers, significantly contributes to the city’s economy. Additionally, the state and local government provide a significant number of jobs.

Is There Southern Hospitality in Jackson?

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Jackson is also known for its welcoming and friendly community. The city has a diverse population and a strong sense of community. The people of Jackson are known for their southern hospitality and friendly nature, making it easy for college students to make friends and feel at home in the city. This makes it an excellent place for students to network, both socially and professionally, as they will have the opportunity to interact with a wide variety of people from different backgrounds and cultures.

Why Would a College Student Need Self Storage?

College students in Jackson may find that they need extra storage space for their belongings. Due to the city’s relatively low cost of living, many students may opt for off-campus housing, but these apartments and houses may not have enough storage space for all of a student’s belongings. Self storage units can be a convenient solution for students to store their furniture, seasonal clothing, and other items they don’t need immediate access to.

Additionally, for students who plan to study abroad or take a semester off, a storage unit can provide a safe and secure place to keep their belongings while they’re away. Self storage units are also helpful for students who are moving back home for the summer and need to keep their things somewhere in between semesters. Overall, self storage can be a flexible and cost-effective solution for college students in Jackson to store their extra belongings.

An Amazing Place to be for College Education

In conclusion, Jackson, Mississippi is a unique and exciting destination for college students looking for a change of scenery. The city offers a wide range of educational opportunities, a low cost of living, and plenty of options for entertainment and recreation. Additionally, the city has a diverse job market, a welcoming community, and is strategically located, making it an ideal place for students to live and study. So, whether you’re looking for continuing your education, a new adventure, or a change of pace during academic studies, Jackson, MS is a great option.

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