Real World Tips on How to Pack Shoes for Moving

When you’re getting ready for a big move, one of the biggest tasks to accomplish is packing your stuff. If you have many shoes or a genuine collection, packing them correctly is essential. Considering the cost of fine shoes, the last thing you want is to crush, crease, bend or otherwise damage them. Below is a list of tips on how to pack shoes for moving to help ensure your shoes don’t get damaged while stored. To protect your precious shoes, sneakers, and other kicks while moving, rest your feet and read on! 

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Tip: Let Socks Save your Shoes

No matter the shoe, even a small amount of weight can push them out of shape and damage them. To prevent this, stuff each shoe with a pair of socks, and for more oversized shoes, you can put in 2 or 3 pairs. The socks will act as a form to keep your shoes and sneakers from getting crushed or banged up.

How to Pack Shoes for Moving

Tip: Use those Shoe Boxes

When packing for a move, it’s essential to pack things as tightly as possible. If not, you’ll have a lot of damage and multiple extra boxes to move. When it comes to nice shoes, though, giving them some extra space is a better idea. To do that, place your more valuable kicks in a shoe box. Then put the box into a larger box with other shoe boxes only. That will prevent something else from moving around and damaging your shoes. This method is the best way to move shoes and perfectly protect your best pairs. 

How to Pack Shoes for Moving

Tip: Be Sure to Label Boxes with Shoes as “FRAGILE!”

Shoes are typically lightweight, and even a medium-sized box full of shoes won’t be overly heavy. Usually, lighter boxes get placed at the top of a tier in the moving truck, but that’s not always the case. They could also, for example, wind up between 2 heavy pieces of furniture. That could be bad when the truck bounces down the highway, crushing your precious kicks into bargain-bin castoffs. The point is to label all boxes with shoes as “FRAGILE.” That way, whoever handles your shoes will know to handle them with care.

Tip: Pack Seasonal Shoes Separately

If you have an extensive collection of seasonal shoes, pack them separately. For example, if you move in summer, pack your snow, ski boots, and other winter shoes together. Pack sandals, flip flops, deck shoes, and other summer shoes if you’re moving in winter. That way, when you arrive in your new home, you can set those boxes aside for later. You might even leave those boxes unpacked until you need them again. Either way, it will be less work when moving in. 

Tip: Don’t Use Dirty Paper to Pack Clean Shoes

Old newspapers are the quintessential packing paper when you do the packing yourself. However, one problem is something unique about newsprint; it never completely dries. That’s a big problem because the black ink can ruin a white, beige, cream, or other light-colored pair of kicks. Black ink and the colors from the comics section can do the same to sneakers, ruining them with ugly stains. That’s why using new, clean packing paper is much better.

Tip: Give Your Shoes a Few Hours of Sunshine

Like many items of clothing, shoes are subject to mold and mildew. If yours have been sitting in the back of your closet, put them outside in the sun for several hours. The sun’s UV rays will kill any mold and mildew that might be growing (even if you can’t see it). It might take a little time and effort to sun all your shoes, but it’s worth it. It’s especially true if you plan to store your shoes in self-storage between homes.

Tip: Wrap each Shoe Individually with Packing Paper

You should wrap each shoe individually if you don’t have individual boxes for them. Usually, one piece of packing paper should do it. Then, wrap the other shoe and place them together in a plastic shopping bag. Tie the bag’s top, and those shoes will be well protected while moving.

How to Pack Shoes for Moving

Tip: Pack a Few Desiccant Packets in Every Box with Shoes

Desiccant packages are those little packets that come with new shoes and look like plastic sand. They absorb moisture and keep shoes and sneakers sniff-test fresh. If you’ve tossed all the desiccant packets you’ve seen, buy more. Then, place one in every shoe box and a few in every box filled with shoes. If you plan to store your things long-term, this is essential! It could save your shoes from getting ruined by mold and mildew.

Tip: Keep Essential Shoes Aside

While this isn’t a shoe packing tip per se, it’s still critical. Between loading, moving, and unloading your stuff, you’ll need shoes to wear. If moving locally, no problem. Your shoes will be at your new home pronto. However, if you’re moving long-distance, your things might be on the moving truck for a week or longer. While they are, keep essential shoes and sneakers with you, especially if you have professional tasks to perform, like a job interview in your new town!

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We hope the tips and advice above help empower you to pack your shoes like a pro! It’s not a heavy, strenuous task, but packing shoes for moving takes time, energy, and care. If you plan to store your things in self-storage between homes, Southern Self Storage can help! We have self-storage locations all over the southeast and Puerto Rico, and one location in New Mexico!

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