Lifesaving Tips for Moving in the Summer

Moving from one home to another is stressful any time of year, it’s true. Moving in summer, though, adds a significant level of extra stress. More people are moving, movers are busy, the kids are out of school, and the mercury is through the roof. Moving in summer is a recipe for disaster; Southern Self Storage has your back if you’re moving and need some tips. The following tips for moving in the summer will diminish your summer moving stress.

Lock-In a Moving Company as Early as Possible

No matter when you move, it’s essential to plan a move. In the summer many more people will be moving simultaneously. The best movers will have limited availability from May through September. Locking in a moving company early is essential. Here’s how to do it:

  1. 2 to 3 months before you plan to move, call 3 or 4 moving companies (5 at most). 
  2. Get estimates in your home with a live sales rep (and on paper) to compare all your estimates later.
  3. Compare estimates to determine which company has the best service and price combination.
  4. Choose your mover and let them know of your choice.
  5. Pay a deposit to that moving company to lock in their service.
  6. Pick and plan moving dates to lock those in also. They include the packing, loading, and unloading dates. 
  7. For a 4-bedroom ranch, packing usually takes a day and another day for loading everything. Get those dates locked in with your mover.
  8. Delivery is usually a 2 or 3-day “window” of time to give the movers a little breathing room. Get these dates locked in as well.

Rent Your Moving Truck at the End of the Day

This tip can save you a lot of sweat and tears. It’s only for folks moving themselves, so folks moving with a moving company take a quick breather. 

Most truck rental companies rent in 24-hour increments. If you rent a truck in the morning, you need to bring it back in the morning. If you rent it in the afternoon or early evening, that’s when you need to bring it back again.

We would argue that renting it at the end of the day, especially in summer, is the better choice. Here’s why;

In summer, the heat in the middle of the day can be brutal. Inside the moving truck, however, it will be like Dante’s Inferno, hot as blazes. Sure, you can work through it, but here’s a better plan:

  • Rent your moving truck around 5 to 6:00 PM.
  • Be ready to start loading with friends, family, moving pads, etc.
  • Set up some bright work lights around the truck for safety.
  • Load the truck in the cool of the afternoon and evening.
  • Leave the next morning cool and clean as a cucumber; your moving truck already loaded.

If you’re moving locally, this is the perfect plan to beat the awful summer heat. Leave as early as possible the next day to beat the heat when unloading!

Plan Activities for the Kids

If you have small children at home, getting them out from underfoot is essential during a summer move. Your movers will be sweaty, and children running around could be too much of a distraction. That’s why it pays to plan something for the kids and get them out of the house. Here are a few suggestions to help;

  • Ask a relative to take them somewhere fun or to their house for the day.
  • Ask a neighbor to watch them.
  • Send them to their best friend’s house.
  • Ask a friend to come and keep them occupied.
  • Ask your regular babysitter to watch them when the movers are there.

Have Plenty of Water and Sports Drinks Available

Whether you have a moving company or are moving on your own, it’s essential you have plenty of water available. Summer heat and moving heavy furniture go together as well as oil and water. Everyone handling furniture and boxes needs to stay hydrated as the day progresses. Plain water is excellent but, frankly, sports drinks are better in summer. That’s because they contain electrolytes, which humans lose quickly sweating in the summer heat. Any major brand sports drinks will do nicely (kept as cold as possible, of course).

Don’t Forget to Plan for your Pets

Moving with pets any time of year can be especially drama-filled. In summer, however, it’s much easier for them to run off. If they get spooked by the movers or a door is inadvertently left open, it could be a disaster. Below are a few suggestions to help you plan a summer move when you have pets in the house;

  • If they are good together, place all your pets in a single room. Put a note on that door saying “Be careful, pets inside” for the movers.
  • If they’re used to crates, crate your dogs.
  • Lock your cats in the bathroom with kitty litter and food.
  • If you have a pet monkey, hire a monkey sitter.

Have Chilled Towels Ready

At the beginning of the day on moving day, fill a small cooler with ice. Roll up some small hand towels and place them on the ice. Leave the cooler outside near where the movers will be working. The towels will get cold and wet as the day heats up, perfect for hot, sweaty movers to cool off.

Use Portable Fans Outside and on the Moving Truck

Using large, powerful fans outside where the movers are working to help keep cool on a hot summer day. Pointing one or two into the moving truck will keep the truck’s interior cooler. Have a few spray bottles of water handy to use in front of the fans and cool things off.

Wear the Right Shoes

Many summer-moving horror stories involve a heavy piece of furniture, a foot, and a flip-flop. Here’s the thing; when carrying furniture, you need decent food protection. Sneakers at least, if not lightweight work boots. Moving heavy furniture while wearing flip-flops, sandals, or, heaven forbid, bare feet is just asking for trouble. (And a trip to the emergency room.)

These Summer Moving Tips brought to you by Southern Self Storage

At Southern Self Storage, we see folks move heavy furniture in the hot sun all the time. One thing we know is this; it’s not a lot of fun. To help, we provide safe, secure storage units around the southeast and Puerto Rico. Many of our self-storage locations have climate-controlled storage units for extra protection.

To reserve a storage unit, please visit our nationwide self-storage location page. You can also visit the nearest Southern location and meet the on-site manager. Either way, you’ll get the storage space you need to store your things safely, no matter the season.

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