The Best Activities to Enjoy During the Winter in Puerto Rico

aerial of ocean and Puerto Rico with clear water

If you’re not a fan of winter weather in the northern hemisphere, you’ll be glad to know that Puerto Rico offers sun-soaked beaches and tropical splendor throughout the winter. With a mild and inviting climate, a rich culture, and stunning natural beauty, Puerto Rico is the perfect destination to escape the cold (if only for a few days).

If that’s your plan, the information below will be helpful. It’s a list of the best activities to enjoy during the winter in Puerto Rico, brought to you by the storage experts at Southern Self Storage. Read on to learn more before you head south and enjoy Puerto Rico’s phenomenal weather and wintertime delights to their fullest!

The Best Activities to Enjoy During the Winter in Puerto Rico

1. Bask on Puerto Rico’s Beautiful Beaches

Puerto Rico boasts some of the Caribbean’s most exquisite beaches. Whether you prefer the white sands of Flamenco Beach on Culebra Island or the vibrant atmosphere of Condado Beach in San Juan, you’ll find a perfect, sandy slice of paradise to relax and soak up the sun’s rays.

2. Enjoy the Puerto Rican Winter Baseball League

Baseball is a true passion in Puerto Rico, where the Puerto Rican Winter Baseball League reigns supreme. Seeing a game is to experience the energy and enthusiasm of Puerto Rico’s baseball fans as they cheer on their favorite teams.

3. Explore El Yunque National Forest

aerial of trees and ocean in Puerto Rico

El Yunque is a lush rainforest, a unique tropical paradise with hiking trails that lead to fantastic waterfalls and scenic viewpoints. The cooler temperatures in winter make it an ideal time for exploring this natural wonder but do remember to bring a towel to dry off after swimming.

4. Savor Puerto Rico’s Sumptuous Cuisine

Winter is the perfect season to indulge in Puerto Rican gastronomy. Taste the local flavors with dishes like mofongo (mashed plantains), arroz con gandules (rice with pigeon peas), and fresh seafood.

5. Enjoy Exciting Watersports

If you’re an adventure seeker or adrenaline nut, try your hand at various watersports, including surfing, snorkeling, and kayaking. The crystal-clear waters and vibrant marine life make these activities even more enticing.

6. Visit Old San Juan

Explore the historic streets of Old San Juan, where colorful buildings, cobblestone streets, and historic forts await your arrival. Take a stroll and immerse yourself in the city’s rich history and culture. Remember to stop and get a savory snack from one of the many small restaurants you’ll find.

7. Enjoy Some Family-Friendly Fun

rock structure in ocean

Puerto Rico offers a variety of family-friendly activities like the Bioluminescent Mosquito Bay in Vieques, where the waters glow in the dark. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, it’s the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world!

8. Discover Cueva Ventana

Cueva Ventana, or “the Window Cave,” offers a unique and thrilling adventure. Hike to this cave and gaze through a natural window to see breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

9. Attend Fantastic Festivals and Events

Winter is truly a festive season in Puerto Rico, with events like the San Sebastian Street Festival in Old San Juan (Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián) that feature live music, delectable food, and exciting parades.

10. Relax in a Natural Pool

Natural pools abound in Puerto Rico, including Las Ruinas in Aguadilla and La Poza del Obispo in Cabo Rojo. These serene spots offer a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of Puerto Rico life.

11. Explore Puerto Rico’s Coffee Plantations

Puerto Rico is known worldwide for its delicious and decadent coffee. Visit one (or more)  of the coffee plantations in the central mountains for tours and tastings and learn about the island’s distinct coffee culture.

12. Discover Hidden Waterfalls

Puerto Rico is home to numerous hidden waterfalls waiting to be explored and enjoyed. Some require a substantial hike, but the reward of swimming in their pristine waters is well worth the effort.

13 Take a Scenic Drive along Ruta de los Árboles

aerial shot of beach

Take a scenic drive along the Route of the Flowering Trees (Ruta de los Árboles) or explore the rugged beauty of the Guánica Dry Forest Reserve. (Renting a car is easy in Puerto Rico as your American license is recognized.)

14. Visit Vieques and Culebra Island, the Spanish Virgin Islands

These nearby islands offer pristine beaches, tranquil vibes, and an opportunity to disconnect from the world and reconnect with nature. Known as the “Spanish Virgin Islands,” both offer some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and world-class snorkeling. Remember that it’s not easy to get to either island. Most people take a ferry from Ceiba, which costs about $3.00 per passenger each way. It’s also worth noting that locals are given priority on the ferry, so you should buy your tickets in advance.

15. Stargaze at the Arecibo Observatory

Head to the Arecibo Observatory for an evening of stargazing and celestial wonders. It’s a unique experience perfect for astronomy enthusiasts and stargazers alike.

What’s Puerto Rico’s Weather Like in Winter?

As mentioned, winter in Puerto Rico is a true dream for Sunseekers. From November through the end of February, you’ll find pleasant, warm temperatures with an average high in the mid-80s Fahrenheit. Even better, they rarely drop below 70°F Fahrenheit at night. Also, there’s very little chance of rain during that time, making it perfect for enjoying all of the outdoor adventures Puerto Rico offers.

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