Moving to North Port, FL: Things to Know

If you’re moving to North Port, FL, it pays to get acquainted with the town first. Sure, it’s on the beautiful Gulf Coast of Florida. And, sure, it has spectacular weather most of the year and beaches that put most others to shame. But beaches and the sun aren’t the only things important when choosing a new town. The economy, schools, amenities, and diversity are essential also. The cost of living in North Port, FL definitely factors in, too!

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Let’s cover all the essential bases, like crime rate and housing costs. We will also take a quick look at the lifestyle and amenities in North Port. So if this lovely town on the coast of Florida is your destination, read on! We’ve got all the best tips and advice to make your life here more enjoyable and less stressful.

What to Know About Moving to North Port

Overall, North Port, FL is Rated Very Highly

When choosing a new town to live in, checking their ratings is always a good idea. (Plenty of websites rate and rank American cities, including Niche and Numbeo.) The excellent news is that North Port, FL ranks very highly, with excellent ratings across the board. Our overall grade is an A, and, besides Crime & Safety, all other grades are at least a B. If all you go by are ratings, then North Port, FL, is already a winner!

The Cost of Living in North Port, FL is Affordable

At 96/100 (meaning 4% lower than the national average), the cost of living in North Port, FL, is affordable. It’s not going to win any awards for ‘cheapest US town,’ but it won’t break your budget either. Besides groceries and miscellaneous expenses, every other cost is below the national average. Below are the most significant cost-of-living indexes (rounded up or down for ease of comparison):

  • Overall- 4% lower than the national average
  • Food & Groceries- 4% higher than the national average
  • Housing- 11% lower than the national average
  • Median Home Cost $205,000
  • Utilities- 3% lower than the national average
  • Transportation- 2% lower than the national average
  • Health- 2% lower than the national average
  • Miscellaneous Expenses- 2% higher than the national average

As you can see, one of the lowest costs is housing, which is excellent. It means you’ll spend less on the highest expense, housing, and so have more for other bills and needs. In short, while it’s not the cheapest city in Florida, North Port is undoubtedly affordable.

The Schools in North Port, FL Get Great Grades

Being a parent means making sure, wherever you move, the schools are ranked highly. In North Port, you’ll be glad to know that our schools are rated very well! They get an A overall, which is excellent! Out of 27 schools located here in town, 18 get an A- or better! Indeed, no school here in North Port ranks lower than a B, which makes us very proud. If you’re moving to North Port, FL with kids, our excellent schools should make you very pleased.

There’s So Much To Do Outside in North Port, FL

You don’t need to be a geography expert to know that North Port has a phenomenal location. Located on the Gulf Coast, we’re nestled between Tampa and Fort Myers, where beaches and sunshine rule! Most of the year we have excellent, sunny and warm weather, which means you can spend many days outdoors. If you like fishing, boating, surfing, or beachcombing, you’re going to be very happy moving to North Port, FL! Kayaking and paddle-boarding are a way of life in North Port (and the seafood is incomparable). If you find yourself in love with a neighborhood that doesn’t allow boat, jet-ski, or RV parking check out storage units in North Port FL, and don’t sacrifice your lifestyle.

Moving to North Port

Median Household Incomes Here Match the National Level

Living in a town like North Point can be, in a word, amazing! The sun, the beach, and the lifestyle here are all geared towards relaxation and comfort. That being said, it also helps to earn a good living wherever you happen to live. In North Port, we’re happy to report that, at $55,000, the median household income here is right on par with the national average. (That would be $58,000.) Jobs in North Point get a B+ rating, which is very good. Commuting times are also rated well at B-, so you won’t spend all day in your car. North Port is a great town to retire, it’s true. But, if you’re still working, it’s good to know you can earn well here.

North Port Does See the Occasional Hurricane

One drawback of living on the Florida coast is that, almost yearly, a hurricane blows through and makes a mess. We’re in a high-risk hurricane zone, unfortunately. Since the year 1930, we’ve had at least 75 of them, the largest in 1947. (That was before they started naming hurricanes.) Of course, you have to offset the downside of hurricanes with all of North Port’s upsides. Six months of perfect weather and another six of pretty darn good weather, for example. Still, if you’re moving to North Port, FL it’s better to be prepared if you need to bug out.

Moving to North Port

Crime and Safety Here Need Some Improvement

Like many other American towns, North Port doesn’t have a perfect record when it comes to crime and safety. We get a grade of C+, which isn’t the worst but is by no means the best. Luckily, violent crimes are lower than the national average. In fact, property crimes here are lower than the national average too! Overall, however, our city is friendly, safe and enjoyable.

We’re the experts when it comes to moving to North Port, FL! If you have questions or need help, you can chat online with us any time! Until then, we hope you love your new home here in our exceptional town and wish you all the best!

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