Top 10 Things to Do in Toa Baja, PR

aerial photo of puerto rico

Referred to by locals as the “Under Water City” (La Ciudad Baja Aguas) because it sits below sea level, Toa Baja, Puerto Rico, is a quaint city near the capital of San Juan. Situated on the island’s northern coast, Toa Baja is a popular beach destination for locals and vacationers, with beautiful beaches, top-rated restaurants, and good shopping and entertainment.

If you plan to visit Toa Baja or move here, the information below will be helpful! It’s the top 10 things to do in Toa Baja, PR, brought to you by your friends at Southern Self Storage! If that sounds like the information you need before you arrive in this lovely city, read on!

Beaches and Natural Attractions

1. Balneario Punta Salinas

The national park service runs one of the nicest beaches in Puerto Rico, Balnearo Punta Salinas, and has excellent facilities. (Something you don’t find at many beaches here.) They include bathrooms and showers, lifeguards on duty, beach volleyball, basketball courts, and green areas for the kids to play.

2. Isla de Cabras (Goat Island)

This tiny island in San Juan Bay is lovely, and the views of Old San Juan are spectacular, especially at sunrise. By the way, the official name is Parque Nacional Isla de Cabras. Although it’s an island, you can get there by car or taxi, and there’s parking available. There are lovely trails for walking, and you can also fish in the beautiful Carribean waters.

3. Kayaking in Toa Baja’s Blue Waters

woman kayaking in the ocean

If beaches and delicious food aren’t enough to draw you in, Toa Baja offers an additional treat for the adventurous: a kayaking experience that’s second to none. The coastline beckons the seasoned kayaker and the enthusiastic newbie, promising a beautiful day of paddling on blue waters. For those unfamiliar with the ropes (or should I say paddles?), local groups are always around to guide you, introducing you to the most mesmerizing kayaking spots. And here’s a little tip from the insiders: an evening kayak during sunset is like living a dream. Just remember, the waters of Toa Baja are welcoming, but safety comes first: never forget that life jacket!

Cultural Experiences

4. The Ruins of Hacienda Santa Elena

Located in Media Luna near Toa Baja, Hacienda Santa Elena was a highly important sugar mill and plantation in the 1800s. Indeed, the sugar mill was one of the biggest employers on the island and a significant economic force at the time. While there are no official tours, it’s open to the public and free to visit. The photographic opportunities here are impressive, but you must watch where you’re going as the ruins aren’t in good shape. 

Toa Baja Food and Nightlife

5. El Kampestre

One of the best restaurants in the area, El Kampestre, serves both Latin and Caribbean food. It’s rated the #1 restaurant in Toa Baja. The atmosphere is casual, although the prices are a bit on the high side. Locals recommend visiting during the week as the weekend can get too busy.

6. La Cucina Italiana di Franco e Gemma

As you might have guessed by the name, La Cucina Italiana di Franco e Gemma is an Italian restaurant and the #2 best-rated eatery in Toa Baja. Many locals say this is their favorite restaurant in the city although some complain about the prices being too high.

7. Kaffeina P.R.

When you need a good jolt and fresh-baked treats there’s nothing better in Toa Baja than Kaffeina. It’s a tiny place, no doubt, but the decor is cool, and the coffee is hot! That’s probably why it’s the #5 best-rated cafe in the city!

8. Cano’s Pizza Palace

The reviews of Cano’s Pizza Palace online are all over-the-top, so we have to believe that the pizza is excellent! The pizza dough is to die for, according to their patrons, but the calzones are even better!

9. Get Your Groove On with Salsa

2 people salsa dancing showing their legs

When in Toa Baja, take the chance to dance to the island’s favorite rhythm – salsa! It’s more than just a dance; it’s a slice of Puerto Rican culture. Local spots often host salsa nights where even beginners can join the fun. Many venues offer quick lessons, so you’ll be swaying and twirling with the best of them in no time. Enjoy the live bands, sip on local cocktails, and let the energetic music give you a night to remember.

10. Discover Toa Baja’s Rum Delights

Puerto Rico is famed for its rums, and Toa Baja is no exception. Immerse yourself in the island’s proud rum-making heritage by exploring local distilleries. Be enticed by the mesmerizing process, from sugarcane transformation to the creation of the smooth drink. Find a favorite? Consider bringing a bottle home as a cherished memento of your Toa Baja adventures. Cheers to the good times, and always enjoy responsibly!

Self Storage in Toa Baja

Toa Baja undoubtedly offers so much culture, natural beauty, and thrilling experiences. If you fall in love with this beautiful island (which many do) and have decided to move here, Southern Self Storage can help with your move. We’re here to simplify your move and self storage needs, ensuring you’ve got more time to dance, dine, and dive into all that Toa Baja has to offer. Ready to make the leap? Contact us today to reserve a storage unit or if you have any questions!