Things to Do in Panama City Beach

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Lucky you if you’re heading south to Panama City Beach, FL! You’re on your way to the ultimate Florida vacation destination! The Emerald Coast is home to one of the top beaches globally and offers 27 miles of stunning coastline. We’re also known as the Seafood Capital of the South, a title we take very seriously. Looking for some serious sunshine to bulk up on vitamin D while getting a fantastic tan? Panama City Beach gets 320 days of sunshine a year!

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Things To Do: Biking in Panama City Beach

Biking with kids is among the best things to do in Panama City Beach. Bicycling is also allowed on practically all of the beaches in the area. (Even the beach in front of the private Dunes of Panama so that you can see everything!) We have extensive biking trails that are getting longer and better constantly.

One caveat; if you rent bicycles, it will cost you extra. They rent them everywhere here in PCB, some with special tires to handle the sand. If you bring your bikes, you can ride PCB’s beaches to your heart’s content. Plus, with all the bike-friendly infrastructure, you can safely bike with kids.

Local Events & Festivals:

When visiting Panama City Beach, consider aligning your trip with our notable events. With annual occasions like the Seabreeze Jazz Festival and the Panama City Beach Seafood and Music Festival, there’s a blend of culture and festivity in the air. The Pirates of the High Seas Fest is a unique experience that draws visitors from near and far.

Water Adventures:

The coastline is just the beginning of what Panama City Beach offers. There’s a whole world of water activities to explore. Kayak through calm waters, experience the thrill of jet-skiing or explore beneath the surface with snorkeling and scuba diving sessions. And for those looking for group activities, banana boat rides are a popular choice among families and friends.

Family Activities:

If it’s a family trip, plenty of attractions are tailored for all ages in Panama City Beach. The Shipwreck Island Waterpark offers a day of exhilaration, while St. Andrews State Park provides a tranquil setting for picnics and relaxation. And for those who enjoy mini-golf, Coconut Creek Family Fun Park is a must-visit.

Experience Panama City Beach Year-Round

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Wondering when to visit? Each season in PCB offers a distinct flavor. Spring promises musical events; Summer boasts perfect beach weather; Fall introduces seafood festivals and captivating events, while Winter offers a quieter beach experience with excellent, pleasant weather.

Enjoy our Fabulous, Free Beaches in Panama City Beach

If you’re from “up north,” this might shock you; all beaches in Panama City are accessible, with free parking! Yes, you read that correctly. Anyone, on any day, can go to the beach in Panama City Beach for free and park there for free too. That’s a massive opportunity for free beach time that isn’t possible in many other states. We can’t state this enough; the beaches are accessible, and the parking is free.

Put another way, if all your family desires is to play all day at the beach, it won’t cost you a single dime. That’s a considerable saving for one of the most coveted activities. The beaches are amazing here! On most days, you’ll see bottle-nosed dolphins swimming nearby! (We have one of the world’s highest concentrations of this fantastic mammal!) It’s perfect for adults and kids alike, even toddlers!

Take a Hike Through Stunning Conservation Park

Okay, this might not be great for the younger kids, but it’s terrific for adults and older kids. Conservation Park takes you out into the wild wetlands. It’s a fun and exciting waterside walk with wetlands isolated from the rest of the city. As you venture further in, you’ll feel like you’ve gone back in time. The sounds and smells of nature fill the air, and the views are phenomenal. You might even see some local wildlife! Conservation Park is free for everyone and a must-see for those who enjoy nature.

Things To Do: Take in the Scenery on Cinta Costera

Our pick for the best free things to do in Panama City Beach is running the Cinta Costera. It’s nothing more than a strip of pavement, but boy, the scenery is spectacular! At the southern end of Cinta Costera, the view of Panama City’s iconic skyline is, in a word, sensational.

Learn about Conservation at Bear Creek Feline Center

The wilderness surrounding Panama City Beach is home to some fantastic felines. Bobcats are one of the biggest, but there are also lynx, panthers, and servals. With human populations growing, encounters with some amazing cats are inevitable. The Center focuses on rehabilitation as well as conservation and breeding. Entrance to the Center is free, and kids are allowed and encouraged.

Things To Do: Explore Beautiful Casco Viejo

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Looking for unique things to do in Panama City Beach that don’t cost a dime? Walking the streets of Casco Viejo is one of our top choices! While this may not fit smaller kids (they’ll get bored), it’s fantastic for the rest of the family. Casco Viejo is the colonial part of Panama City Beach and is gorgeous. The colors pop on every street, and there are plenty of places to stop and take in the view. Casco Viejo has some of the best restaurants and bars in town if you’re hungry. (Some feature rooftop patios for sensational sunsets!) Many people say walking in Casco Viejo is one of the best free things!

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