What To Know Before Moving to Louisiana

Skyline view of New Orleans during sunrise

Louisiana is a rich blend of cultures that helped influence everything that is unique about our beautiful state. Living in most parts of Louisiana won’t break the bank, and you’re in for a treat when it comes to its mouthwatering dishes. If you’re considering making Louisiana your home, you’re likely brimming with questions about life …

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The Best Florida Winter Weather Activities

small boat in ocean with sunset

Curious about Florida’s winter weather? If you’re nodding along, chances are you’re ready for a break from the icy chills and snowy landscapes back home. Consider yourself lucky, as in Florida, the description for winter weather can be summed up in one word: perfect. Imagine it – warm enough to enjoy a dip in the …

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The Best Things to Do in Clovis, NM

Family hike in a desert

Clovis is a unique and historic town along New Mexico’s High Plains. Clovis is a terrific place to live and work with wide-open spaces and a close community. Not surprisingly, it’s also great for families and has good public schools to boot. Speaking of boots, Clovis is smack in the middle of rodeo country. There …

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