What To Know Before Moving to Louisiana

A true melting pot, Louisiana has been beautifully influenced by French, Spanish, African, and Native American cultures. The cost of living in most of the state is very affordable, and the cuisine is impeccable. If you’re moving to this lovely place, you probably have all sorts of questions. The good news is that we’ve got all sorts of answers for you below! If what to know before moving to Louisiana is your goal, read on!

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What to Know Before Moving to Louisiana

1. They Call Louisiana a Sports Paradise

When you arrive in Louisiana, take a look at some car license plates. You’ll notice the nickname “Sportsman’s Paradise” is imprinted there. We would argue Louisiana’s a paradise for all people who love sports, including fishing, hunting, hiking, and much more. You’ll also find plenty of pro sports teams here that are excellent. That includes the 2010 Super Bowl-winning New Orleans Saints, as fabled an NFL team as they come.

One thing to remember is that New Orleans, while not directly on the Gulf of Mexico, is still pretty close. That means all sorts of opportunities for deep-sea fishing and boating as well as surfing, kayaking, and paddleboarding. There are also charter fishing excursions to be found for a day on the water you’ll not soon forget. In short, sportspeople of all types will love the sporting life in Louisiana!

2. Your Hard-Earned Income Will Stretch Farther in Louisiana

One of the most desirable features of Louisiana is the cost of living, which is one of the lowest in the country. (We’re #17.) One of the reasons that you’ll spend less of your paycheck here is thanks to the reasonable housing prices. For example, the median home value in the Bayou State is $167,000, an affordable price for many American families. That’s a $40,000 savings compared to the US average, $210,000, a nice break on many monthly mortgage payments. It’s nice to know the cost savings before moving to Louisiana!

3. Hurricanes Are A Real Threat in Louisiana

One of the biggest concerns of many Louisiana residents is hurricanes and flooding. Both happen here rather frequently, primarily due to Louisiana being smack in the middle of Hurricane Alley. Although severe weather is a problem for much of Louisiana, they suffer most in the south. Indeed, parts of New Orleans are still cleaning up after Hurricane Katrina, which happened in 2005! If the question is “what to know before moving to Louisiana,” the answer is “the evacuation route.”

TIP: One precaution many folks take in New Orleans is having a storage unit filled with equipment to protect their homes. They store large amounts of plywood, screws, braces, and more to board up everything when a storm approaches.

4. Louisiana has a Love Affair with Great Food

We’ve talked about the fact that our state is a melting pot featuring a wonderful assortment of ethnicities and cultures. All of them have come together to make Louisiana one of the cuisine centers in the United States. From Creole to Cajun, beignets, boudin, andouille, and gobsmacking gumbo, the food scene here rocks! Something to know before moving to Louisiana – never turn down a meal in Louisiana; it might be the best you’ve ever tasted.

What To Know Before Moving to Louisiana

5. The Schools in Louisiana Need Some Help

There’s no denying the fact that Louisiana’s school systems are in need of help. Indeed, Louisiana is one of the top five states where public education is ranked worst, unfortunately. High school graduation rates are less than 80% here, which could use some improvement. If you have children in school, do everything you can to support them and their teachers. (They could use the help.)

6. Louisiana Offers Shorts Weather All Year Long

Bring some shorts if you’re moving from a northern state like New York, New Jersey, Vermont, Michigan, Connecticut, or Pennsylvania! In fact, bring only shorts if you can help it because that’s all you’ll ever need living down here. In winter, for example, the temperature during the day rarely falls below 70 degrees. Many days see temps in the low 80s, a winter paradise for those who love sandals and tank tops. But, of course, there’s always Louisiana’s summer weather which we’ll see in just a moment can be a bit sketchy.

7. Summer In Louisiana is Typically Hot and Humid

If you’ve never known hot, humid summers, moving to Louisiana might be quite a shock. It can be unbearably hot and steamy down here, especially from June through September. So much so that many folks simply stay inside the whole time and venture out only at night. Of course, with heat and humidity this high, nighttime isn’t all that refreshing, either. If you’re sweating like mad at midnight just from sitting on your front porch, you’re in Louisiana. Our advice; make sure you’ve got a fan and some cold iced tea handy at all times.

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Louisana Has a Lot to OfferWhile our state does have its faults, there’s no denying that Louisiana has a lot to offer. We’re Southern Self Storage, and we love the Louisiana lifestyle. We’re the self storage experts in Louisiana, with clean, safe, and affordable storage units all over the Creole State.

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