How Much Can You Store in a 10×30 Storage Unit?

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When you run out of storage space, whether at home, your office, or your brick-and-mortar location, renting a storage unit from Southern Self Storage is a viable and affordable solution. A storage unit can hold various items, from household goods to store overstock, files, tools, gear, and even cars and boats.

The big question, however, is what size storage unit to rent, as there are many different sizes. For example, how big is a 5×5 unit? (Big enough to store content from a single bedroom.) If you have a lot of stuff to store, including a car, you might need a 10×30 storage unit. To help you figure it out, we’ve compiled some helpful information about 10×30 storage units below! Read on to determine if this extra-large storage unit is the best for your storage needs!

Understanding Storage Unit Sizes

Storage has traditionally been based on cubic feet of space, and self-storage units at Southern Self Storage are no different. For example, a 5×5 storage unit is 5 feet wide by 5 feet long by 8 feet high. That equals 200 cubic feet of space (5 x 5 x 8 = 200), equal to a medium-sized home closet.

In other words, a 5×5 storage unit is small and will hold the equivalent of a  college dorm room. Be aware that you would need to stack things well to fit everything inside, including standing the mattress and box spring on their side.

What Can a 10×30 Storage Unit Hold?

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A 10×30 storage unit provides 2,400 cubic feet of storage space, equal to a 1.5-car garage. (10 x 30 x 8 = 2,400) That’s enough space to store the contents of a 2 to 3-bedroom home if everything is stacked well. We’ve broken it down below to give you a better idea of what you can fit inside a storage unit of this size.

A 10×30 storage unit can hold the following items (This is only meant to be a rough estimate and does not represent all item sizes).

  • 1 queen mattresses and box spring (60 x 2 = 120 cubic feet)
  • 2 full mattresses and box springs (50 x 4 = 200 cubic feet)
  • 6 large dressers (6 x 40 = 240 cubic feet)
  • 6 medium dressers (6 x 30 = 180 cubic feet)
  • 6 night tables (6 x 5 = 30 cubic feet)
  • 1 Kitchen table (10 cubic feet)
  • 6 kitchen chairs (6 x 5 = 30 cubic feet)
  • 1 dining table (25 cubic feet)
  • 6 dining chairs (6 x 5 = 30 cubic feet)
  • Dining room hutch (80 cubic feet)
  • 1 3-person sofa (60 cubic feet)
  • 1 2-person sofa (40 cubic feet)
  • 1 love seat (25 cubic feet)
  • Large coffee table (25 cubic feet)
  • 2 Small side tables (2 x 10 = 20 cubic feet)
  • 6 bookcases (6 x 25 = 150 cubic feet)
  • 3 large TVs (30 cubic feet)
  • 3 desks (15 x 3 = 45 cubic feet)
  • 3 desk chairs (5 x 3 = 15 cubic feet)
  • 1 washing machine (20 cubic feet)
  • 1 dryer (20 cubic feet)
  • 1 refrigerator (70 cubic feet)
  • 60 small (1.5 cubic foot) boxes (90 cubic feet)
  • 40 medium (3 cubic foot) boxes (120 cubic feet)
  • 30 large (6 cubic foot) boxes (180 cubic feet)
  • 15 wardrobe boxes (150 cubic feet)
  • 2 full-size bicycles (2 x 10 = 20 cubic feet)
  • 2 children’s bikes (10 cubic feet)
  • Outdoor table and chairs (60 cubic feet)
  • Lawnmower (10 cubic feet)
  • 1 large rug (30 cubic feet)

All of the items above equal about 2,000 cubic feet of space. Yes, that’s less than the 2,400 cubic feet of space available, but it will give you a little “wiggle room” and allow you to organize your things the way you like. This can be helpful if you wish to take something out occasionally while they’re stored, like bikes and other items.

When Do You Need a 10×30 Storage Unit?

Most folks who rent a 10×30 storage unit are between homes. For example, let’s say you sell your home because you’re moving, but it sells fast, and you still need to purchase a new home in your new town. With a 10×30 storage unit, you can store everything safely while you search for your new home. Some folks also store cars, trucks, and small boats in a 10×30 storage unit.

Moving Items Into a 10×30 Storage Unit

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The best advice when moving into any storage unit, including a 10×30, is to stack everything well. Heavy items should be placed on the floor, and lighter items should be stacked on top. Hiring professional movers to do the job is a smart choice, as they can stack things well and safely. That will prevent items from falling over and getting damaged while they’re stored (and ensure nothing falls on you when you move things out of storage.)


Q: How can I maximize space in a 10×30 storage unit?

A: Stack things well, place mattresses and box springs on their sides, and take legs off tables to store them on their sides.

Q: Can you organize a 10×30 storage unit?

A: Yes! You can organize using standing shelving units and clear plastic bins so that, when you need things, you can find them quickly and easily.

Q: Will a car fit inside a 10×30 storage unit?

A: Yes, most cars will fit inside a 10×30 unit with room to spare, but must meet specific requirements before storing with us.

Let Southern Self Storage Help You Safely Store Your Valuables

Having extra storage space is incredibly helpful whether you’ve just moved to a new town or been there for years. Southern Self Storage can help you store your household belongings while searching for a new home or renovating your existing home. You can keep your car, store a boat, or store an RV with Southern. Business owners rent storage units from Southern daily to store overstock, tools, equipment, and trailers. You can also store the contents of a spare bedroom you’re repurposing or keep things for your kids and grandkids. If you need a smaller storage unit, check out our article on what can fit in a 10×10 storage unit. When you’re ready, reserve your storage unit online. There’s no deposit, and it will be waiting at your local Southern Self Storage location when you and your movers arrive!