Living in New Orleans Pros and Cons

New Orleans is a fabulous city; there’s no denying that. It’s the birthplace of jazz. It has delectable food, and the architecture is simply stunning. Mardi Gras, one of the country’s best parties, attracts hundreds of thousands of people each year. NOLA is also one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S., especially for millennials. Of course, no big city is perfect, and The Big Easy does have a few flaws along with its perks. In this article, Living in New Orleans Pros and Cons, we’ll take a look at both.

PRO: Living in New Orleans Means Excitment

Sure, Mardi Gras is famous worldwide over, but there’s more to NOLA than Fat Tuesday. There are festivals galore here all year to keep you in good spirits. That includes the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and the French Quarter Festival. There are also a dizzying array of smaller food and music festivals to keep your tummy and your ears happy! And do not forget the Essence Fest. one of the best in the country! On the list of pros and cons of living in New Orleans, this is a big pro!

CON: Living in New Orleans Means No Beach Nearby

Many people are under the impression that New Orleans is close to the beach, but that’s a bit false. Yes, the beach is within driving distance, but we’re talking about 90 minutes to get there. That’s quite a bit of time to spend in the car. If you like the feel of sand between your toes and ocean spray on your face, you’ll be driving a lot. (When you do go, we highly recommend Biloxi Beach.)

PRO: Spectacular Architecture Abounds

One fact that many Americans don’t realize is that New Orleans is beautiful. From the St. Louis Cathedral to the Piazza D’Italia, there are some fantastic elements here. The Mercedes-Benz Superdome is one of the best stadiums in the country (and home of the NFL’s super Saints!) Do yourself a favor and find a “shotgun house” to look at. It’s a house that has very few (if any) interior walls. So few, you could fire a shotgun from one end, and it wouldn’t hit any walls before exiting! 

CON: Living in New Orleans Means Insects Everywhere

In northern cities, they certainly have insects, but they have more than their fair share in The Big Easy. For example, if you get hit by a falling buck moth caterpillar, it will leave a mark. Brown recluse spiders are everywhere, so check shoes and boots before putting them on. And then there are the nastiest of the insects here, fire ants. Fire ants start coming out right around Mardi Gras until the weather turns cold again. If one of those nasty little creatures bites you, you will know it. Of all the pros and cons of living in New Orleans, insects might be the biggest con. 

PRO: Most People in New Orleans Are Friendly 

Yes, every city boasts that it’s inhabitants are the friendliest. However, New Orleans seems to have the friendliest folks! They embrace visitors and tourists quite openly. Mostly though, New Orleans is a community. If you need anything, many of your neighbors are ready to help. When you consider all the folks who come here and party hearty, it’s a wonder how friendly the locals can be!

CON: the Economy in NOLA is a Bit of a Mess

Hurricane Katrina was devastating for New Orleans, and that was 15 years ago. Before it hit, the city had a vibrant and robust economy. It’s coming back, no doubt, but still hasn’t returned to its former self. Jobs can be relatively scarce, depending on the industry, and pay is often less than the rest of the country. 

PRO: Living in New Orleans and the French Quarter

Even if no festivals are going on, you can find plenty of entertainment down in NOLA’s French Quarter. The oldest section of the city, it’s a high energy location. It’s complete with nightclubs, street performers, and unique vendors. The architecture is simply stunning and offers plenty of eye candy. The local markets here are also excellent, making the French Quarter a must-see when you visit.

CON: the Infrastructure Could Use Some Help

If you love your car, driving it in New Orleans can be painful. That’s because there are so many potholes, crumbles, and cracks in the road. Also, if you own a historic building, the cost to maintain it can be steep. That’s why so many people rent.

PRO (Or CON For Some People): You Can Drink in Public

While for adults only, one of the best perks about partying in NOLA is you can do it outside. You can take alcoholic beverages around with you as you bar-crawl, explore, or just relax on a park bench. They even have drive-through locations selling your fave adult beverages on-the-fly! It makes exploring the city much more comfortable, although we recommend going easy on the alcohol. Don’t go acting the fool; the police officers here will arrest you for public drunkenness!

Living in New Orleans? We Suggest Renting a Storage Unit

If you’re moving to New Orleans but don’t know the area, renting a storage unit is a smart choice. That way, you can store your household goods affordably while you find a nice place to live. Also, once you find a home, it might need a lot of repairs before moving in. If you store your household goods in a storage unit, they’ll be better protected. They won’t get covered in dust and debris while you restore and repair your new home. 

Welcome To NOLA!

If you’ve just moved here, welcome! We know you’re going to love New Orleans because we love it too! The people are lovely, the weather can be very nice and the food! It’s simply delicious! We wish you all the best with your new life here in our wonderful city!

10 thoughts on “Living in New Orleans Pros and Cons”

  1. I visited the French Quarter a couple years ago and I would have to disagree with the hospitality being superb. There were a handful of nice waiters and staff at the hotel but overall the people working in that area were so incredibly rude I was completely taken aback! I mean rolling eyes, snapping at people etc. I asked a bartender for a lime (he was completely hammered while working btw) he literally squeezed the lime & threw it IN my shot & walked away. Its still an amazing place, and I would hands down go again. Just be aware the southern hospitality (among those hired in the tourist area) is far & few between.

  2. The weather is nice? It is hotter than hell here from June-Sept. Sometimes even October. The humidly can kill you. Also don’t forget the Hurricanes with the evacuations & power outages, flooding, and damage’s that come with them. The crime rate in New Orleans is sky high. Other than that, it’s great! Really, there is so much to do and see here. Something is always happening. Just be prepared and cautious as with anywhere you live.

  3. If you like the warm weather, New Orleans offers an escape from snow! You’re right that people need to make sure to be safe when moving to a new city!

  4. There couldn’t possibly be any reason other than that, that I would ever consider leaving beautiful California to move with to a city full of flies, mosquitos bugs, humidity, bad roads, and 1,000,000 other reasons!! California has the best of everything.

  5. Yeah, as someone that’s visited new Orleans at least 100 times over the past 10 years, I would never ever live there. My friend lives down there and she’s had her house robbed while bringing in her groceries, property stolen out of her car while we were visiting her in the afternoon,
    & robbed at gunpoint several times. In New Orleans, People will try to hustle you out of your money! Never get a shoe shine from anyone in new Orleans!! Story time: Back in 2016 while friends & I were visiting N.O., Down in the French quarter this guy was charging 5 bucks for a shoe shine and my friend felt bad for him so he agreed and let him shine HIS Converse SHOES! 😂 So, he gives the guy a $20 bill and this mf took off running! No change or nothing for my friend (just avoid these people altogether), crime is at an all time high (new Orleans is actually murder capital of the world…..again), most restaurants don’t offer free refills (which I understand isn’t the worst thing but it can get pricey especially if you like your drinks like I do), let’s not forget the smell! Especially at Mardi gras! Oh it’s awful!! Smells like piss, vomit, shit, alcohol and b.o.!! No lie! I went once for Mardi gras and I’ve never returned since for that! I ended up having to throw away my jeans when I got home because they were a little on the longer side and the bottoms of them were covered in new Orleans Mardi gras sludge, God only knows what else! And honestly, I believe new Orleans is very overrated. The one good thing about new Orleans is the food but is way overpriced! Honestly, you can get good food anywhere in Louisiana and it won’t cost you a mortgage payment! There’s tons of mom and pop shops all over that are delicious. So, if you like being alive, I’d advise you to steer clear of the butthole of America that is new Orleans 😂

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