Things To Do in Puerto Rico

If you’re moving to Puerto Rico you are definitely in for a treat! Located in the gorgeous Caribbean Sea, Puerto Rico is a veritable paradise with some beautiful beaches. From diving and snorkeling to hiking and fishing, there’s more to do in Puerto Rico than you can imagine!

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at all of the fun, exciting, and romantic things that you can do for entertainment and enjoyment in Puerto Rico. Their beautiful beaches are just beginning! Enjoy.

What Kind of Nightlife Does Puerto Rico Offer?

If enjoying a delicious meal is your idea of a fantastic night out, Puerto Rico is right up your alley. North, south, east, or west, no matter which part of the island you live in, Puerto Rico offers something fabulous.

For example, near Old San Juan there’s La Placita de Santurce. During the day you will find a traditional farmers market there but, after dark, the live music and late-night bars take over. Looking for something a little more upscale? You’ll find it in Condado, a beautiful oceanfront community. One of the best is  Olive Boutique Hotel’s rooftop bar where you’ll find beautiful views of the entire city, especially at night.

To be sure, this is only a very small sample of the nightlife that Puerto Rico offers. Once you have moved there you should take the time to explore to find some favorite places whenever you get the chance! By the way, when you arrive, make sure to reserve a self-storage unit from Southern Self Storage for all of your outdoor and activity gear!

Things To Do in Puerto Rico

What About the Museums?

Yes, they have a few that are quite beautiful and wholly engaging for the entire family. They include museums that talk about the 500+ year history that Puerto Rico has played in the Caribbean.

For example, the Ponce Museum of Art (Museo de Arte de Ponce) located in the southern town of Ponce, is a showcase for the culture of Puerto Rico.

The Museo de Arte Contempore (Puerto Rico Contemporary Art Museum) is one of the nicest museums. It also has the distinction of being the only museum in Puerto Rico that is 100% dedicated to art in Puerto Rico, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

A Puerto Rico Beach is Paradise

If you are a fan of beautiful beaches and dazzling, crystal clear water, you will fall in love with Puerto Rico from the day you arrive. The only problem? There are so many amazing beaches to choose from, it might drive you a little crazy picking which one you want to visit!

Here’s a fact; Puerto Rico has beaches that are consistently in the top 50 in the world. Flamenco Beach is #37 on the entire planet!

What Kind of Watersports Does Puerto Rico Have?

If it has to do with the water you will likely find it in Puerto Rico. Surfing is a given in the West Coast towns of Rincon and Aguadilla, as well as paddle boarding. Imagine being on your paddleboard and seeing down 20, 30 or even 40 feet deep all the way to the bottom! Catching sweet waves is a pastime that many Puerto Ricans share and the island offers plenty of them. If scuba diving or snorkeling is more your style, Puerto Rico has some of the best in all of the Caribbean with plenty of places to enjoy.

Puerto Rico’s Amazing Bioluminescent Bays

We have talked about Puerto Rico’s abundance of water sports. Now let’s talk about there is one thing that very few places can offer; their Bioluminescent Bays. It’s one of the rarest ecosystems on the planet. A bioluminescent bay happens when single-celled organisms called dinoflagellates grow in a bay. When you swim around in the water or paddle through them, they glow in the dark! Amazingly, there are only five ecosystems on the entire planet where you can see these, and three of them are in Puerto Rico! They are Mosquito Bay in Vieques, Laguna Grande in Fajardo, and La Parguera in Lajas.

Does Peurto Rico Have Annual Festivals?

Oh yes, practically every weekend! Going to one of the many festivals is one of the best ways to experience the local culture all over the island. Many of the festivals celebrate the traditions of the Catholic Church, but don’t let that keep you from going. They’re still wonderful to see and offer food, drink, and games that the whole family will truly enjoy! Below are some of our faves!

Festival de la Piña Paradisíaca

Held in the town of Lajas in the south of Puerto Rico, the “Festival of Pineapples” offers a 5K race. You can also eat practically everything with pineapples. Additionally, local bands provide entertainment at night. The festival happens in the oceanfront community of La Parguera. Throw in their amazing mangrove coves and this festival is a must-see!

Carnaval Ponceño

In the lovely town of Ponce, they hold this festival for an entire week at the end of February, ending on the day before Ash Wednesday. It’s very similar to Mardi Gras in New Orleans with colorful parades and a Carnival Queen. Ponce is La Perla del Sur or the pearl of the south, and it’s no surprise as the city is breathtaking. It’s also the second-largest city after San Juan. It boasts a very diverse culture with museums, castles, and some of the best beaches in the southern part of Puerto Rico.

Fiesta de los Reyes Magos

This festival celebrates the end of the holiday season. It’s held in San Juan and is one of the most anticipated of the year. Indeed, old San Juan is completely overflowing from the Wednesday that it starts until it ends on Sunday, during the third week in January. It’s then that you’ll find the plazas overflowing with artists, dancers, musicians, and performers. If you move to here just after Christmas this is one festival you don’t want to miss!

Does Puerto Rico Offer Golfing?

Oh my goodness yes! Not only do they offer golf but they have some of the nicest courses in the Caribbean! Also, you can golf practically everywhere in Puerto Rico, from historic San Juan all the way down both coasts. Stunning beach views your choice when golfing? How about the view of lush mountainsides? In Puerto Rico, you have both and plenty of other choices. It’s a golfer’s paradise!

Where Can I Store All My Sports Gear in Puerto Rico?

With all of these opportunities to enjoy your favorite outdoor activities, you might worry that you won’t have enough space in your home. The good news is that Southern Self-Storage has self-storage units dotted across the island!

Whether you need climate-controlled storage or just want a place to throw your gear, Southern Self-Storage can help. Give one of their storage experts a call to find out more!

There’s an Endless Amout of Things to Do in Puerto Rico

As you can see, Puerto Rico offers a wide variety of wonderful activities, nightlife, water sports, and anything else! From colorful festivals to fishing, restaurants, and nature, there’s never, ever a dull moment!

We hope that you thoroughly enjoyed this article and that it answered most of your questions. If you have more, need advice, or would like to leave a nice comment, please do in the space provided, and best of luck in your new Puerto Rico home!

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