The Pros and Cons of Hammond, LA

Founded in 1818, today, you can find the town of Hammond about an hour north of New Orleans on the border of Lake Pontchartrain. If you’re curious about what it’s like to live here, stay tuned for all the pros and cons of Hammond, LA! Starting with a fun pro – did you know that Hammond used to be known as the “Strawberry Capital of America.” Although now the nearby town of Ponchatoula claims that title, Hammond still has lots of strawberries for you to enjoy!

Like all American cities, Hammond, Louisiana, has pros and cons. If you’re moving here soon, you likely want to know about them to prepare. To help, Southern Self Storage put together the following valuable information. Read on to discover the good, the bad, and everything else about Hammond, LA, below.

The Pros and Cons of Hammond LA

Pros of Hammond, LA

Hammond’s Cost of Living is Affordable

For potential new residents, there’s nothing better than knowing that the cost of living is affordable! And you’re in luck because one of the biggest pros of living in Hammond, LA, is the reasonable cost of living. With an overall cost of living index of 88/100, Hammond is 12% lower than the national average. In fact, only one cost index in Hammond, healthcare, is above the national average. So, looking at the cost indices (below), we can see that housing is the main reason Hammond, LA, is affordable. (Keep in mind the US average is 100.)

  • Overall, 88/100
  • Housing, 67/100  (one of the cheapest in the U.S.!)
  • Median Home Cost, $172,600 (the US average is $291,700.)
  • Healthcare, 110/100 (this is the only cost index above the national average in Hammond.)
  • Groceries, 96/100
  • Utilities, 89/100 (not bad!)
  • Transportation, 96/100
  • Miscellaneous costs, 95/100

The Best Pro of Hammond, LA is the Plethora of Outdoor Activities

Another great pro of living in Hammond are the many exciting and relaxing outdoor activities. This is all thanks to Lake Pontchartrain. At 630 square miles, Lake Pontchartrain is the state’s largest inland body of water. However, it’s not actually a lake but an estuary with ocean tides and brackish water. It connects to the Gulf of Mexico and several other rivers and bayous.

Lake Pontchartrain is one of the most popular places for fishing, boating, and sailing in Hammond and in New Orleans. Many people in the area own boats for this very reason. You can also charter one for a day of fun on the water. Swamp boats are often seen enjoying the many bayous connected to the lake. Lake Pontchartrain is a solid pro when discussing the pros and cons of living in Hammond.

The Pros and Cons of Hammond LA

It Rarely Snows in Hammond, LA

If you’re moving south to escape the cold weather, Hammond, Louisiana, is a great choice. There are zero snow days here and less than a month’s worth of cold winter days. For many who live here, that’s excellent news as it means they’ll never have to touch a snow shovel.

The Nightlife in Hammond is Exciting and Fun

If there’s one great pro about living in Hammond, it’s the fantastic nightlife. Our terrific town offers a wide variety of excellent restaurants, pubs, and bars. Some of the best include:

All these excellent bars, pubs, and restaurants above are open and serving guests! They’re also the highest-rated spots in Hammond! 

New Orleans is Right Down the Road

Last on our list of the pros and cons of living in Hammond, LA, is its proximity to New Orleans. New Orleans is well known for its fantastic Mardi Gras celebration, incredible cuisine, and superb nightlife. Also, the NFL’s New Orleans Saints play here. So enjoy all the pros of city life from the comfort of a nearby small town!

Historical building in New Orleans

Cons of Living in Hammond, LA

Healthcare is More Expensive in Hammond, LA

As noted above, healthcare is the only cost index in Hammond above the national average. Several LA cities, including Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and Shreveport, share this trait. One reason for this extra expense is Louisiana’s asthma, heart disease, and diabetes problems. Another, according to Joseph Newhouse, is that the services received after leaving the hospital can be expensive. (Mr. Newhouse is a John D MacArthur Professor of Health Policy and Management and Harvard University.)

The Public School System in Hammond Needs Some Help

One of the most significant drawbacks of living in Hammond is that the school system is average. Only two of the 14 public schools have a B grade or higher. They include Ponchatoula High School (B) and Southeastern Louisiana University Laboratory School (B+). The rest of the schools here get no higher than a C+, a drawback if you have school-age children.

Summer in Hammond, LA, Is Hot and Humid

One of the best ways to tell if a town or city has great weather is its comfort index. Hammond, LA’s annual comfort index is 3.6 out of 10. Yikes! The reason is that, in summer, Hammond gets blazing hot and super humid. The worst weather months in Hammond are June, July, and August, when the humidity is highest.

Kid running through sprinkler

The Unemployment Rate in Hammond, LA is High

While not a complete disaster, Hammond’s unemployment rate is 7.4%, higher than the U.S. average of 6%. The good news is that the job market has increased by 2% in the last year. However, future job growth over the next ten years is predicted to be lower.

The Pros and Cons of Hammond, LA, Brought to you by Southern Self Storage

As we’ve seen today, Hammond, LA, isn’t perfect but does offer several excellent perks and amenities. If you’re moving to Hammond sometime soon, Southern Self Storage has several excellent amenities too. For example, our Hammond, LA storage units are safe and clean. They’re also secure, with 24/7 video monitoring and an onsite manager keeping an eye on the place.

If you have questions about self-storage in Hammond, you can chat with us online. You can also visit our self-storage center and meet the onsite manager. They’re super friendly and will give you excellent, money-saving advice. 

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We hope you found today’s information helpful and informative. Best of luck with your move to one of our favorite southern cities, Hammond, Louisiana! 

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