The Cost of Living in Luling, LA

About 20 minutes from downtown New Orleans lies the lovely town of Luling, Louisiana. With slightly over 13,000 residents, Luling is a small town. However, what it lacks in size, it makes up for in amazing outdoor activities and resources. Surrounded by lush bayous and beautiful lakes, you can boat, fish, and hunt all year long in Luling. If you’re moving to Luling, LA, soon and want to know what it costs to live here, read on! We’ve got everything you need to know about the cost of living in Luling, LA, below.

There are several beautiful parks in Luling, LA, as well as excellent golf courses. The town is also well-known for its fun and exciting festivals. For example, there’s the Alligator Festival held every year at West Bank Bridge Park. Luling residents can also enjoy low crime, great public schools, excellent weather, and exciting nightlife.

Note: The cost indices we’ll use today are based on the national average of 100. So, for example, if a cost index is 80/100, it is 20% lower than the national average. A cost index of 120/100 would thus be 20% higher than the national average. Now on to the good stuff!

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The Cost of Living in Luling, LA: Slightly Below Average 99/100

Luling, Louisiana isn’t going to win any awards for being the cheapest town in America, it’s true. Overall, it’s below the national average, with a cost index of 99/100. We think you’ll agree, though, it’s better to be lower instead of higher, even if it’s only 1% lower. The only bad news is that Luling is actually higher than the rest of Louisiana. Our 99/100 score is 12% higher than the Louisiana average of 87/100. It’s not a huge difference by any means but is notable.

Grocery Costs in Luling, LA: Less Expensive 98/100

Similarly to the overall cost of living, groceries in Luling, LA are below the national average. Our grocery cost index of 98/100 means you’ll save approximately 2% on the food you serve your family. Anyone who puts food on their family’s table will tell you saving 2% is better than saving 0%, no doubt. Interestingly, grocery costs in Luling are higher than the Louisiana average of 93/100. (Why they are, we’re not sure, but they are.)

cost of living in luling la

The Cost of Healthcare in Luling, LA: Affordable 90/100

One of the more surprising cost indexes in Luling, Louisiana, is Healthcare. With a score of 90 / 100, they’re 10% lower than the national average. That’s a genuine benefit for young families and retirees who tend to visit the doctor more often. They’ll save on things like emergency room visits, annual exams, dental care, and so forth. For folks on a fixed income, saving 10% on healthcare is a genuine benefit of living in Luling, LA.

Housing Costs in Luling: Affordable 91/100

Here’s the thing about housing costs in Luling, La; they’re good but not as good as other towns in Louisiana. For example, our housing index score of 91 / 100 is certainly good. When you compare it to Louisiana’s housing index of 62 / 104 Louisiana, however, It’s less good.

The same goes for our median home cost. In Luling, it’s $235,000, almost $60,000 less than the national average. However, the Louisiana average is $189,000, nearly $45,000 less than Luling. Still, being able to save 10% on their mortgage is something most American families would gladly accept. In our humble opinion, the attractions and amenities in Luling, LA, are worth a little extra.

cost of living in luling la

Utilities in Luling: Very Affordable 82/100

The lowest cost index in Luling, Louisiana, is easily utilities. Our utility costs are nearly 20% lower than the national average, a significant difference indeed. Gas, electricity, water, and garbage will be much nicer to your monthly budget. Considering summer in Luling is sweltering hot and humid, saving money on your AC will be a great benefit. In fact, when it comes to the cost of living in Luling, LA, our utility costs are very affordable.

The Cost of Transportation in Luling, LA: Expensive 120/100

For some crazy reason, in Luling, Louisiana, transportation costs are 20% higher than the national average. You’d think they’d be lower with oil refineries minutes away, but unfortunately, they’re not. Taxes, highway fees, and, yes, gasoline are all 20% higher than the national average. One reason might be the commuting time in Luling, which is almost equal to the national average. It’s 26 minutes one-way, which means you’ll spend nearly an hour a day staring out your windshield.

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Miscellaneous Costs in Luling: Average 100/100

While you won’t save any money on miscellaneous costs in Luling, you won’t spend more than other cities, either. Our miscellaneous cost index is exactly equal to the national average. Haircuts, trips to the nail salon, new electronics, and clothing all cost the same as in the average American city. Sure, saving a little on miscellaneous stuff would be great, but it beats paying more; we think you’ll agree.

Luling, LA is an Affordable and Appealing American City

As we mentioned earlier, Luling, Louisiana, isn’t going to win any awards for being the cheapest American town. Still, out of eight major cost indices, we only have one above the national average, which isn’t bad.

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