Long Term Rentals Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Before buying a home, many people rent one in instead. That way, they can make sure they like the area, weather, and lifestyle before settling down in the Sunshine State. If that’s you and you’re searching for long term rentals in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, read on. We’ve got information coming up that can be very helpful and lead you in the right direction!

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Where to Find Long Term Rentals in Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Where to Find Long Term Rentals, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Finding a long term rental in Santa Rosa Beach isn’t difficult but does take time, effort, and search skills. Luckily, with Google and other online information portals, you can search from the comfort of your own home. 

Of course, it’s always a good idea to see what you’re renting before you sign any leases. That’s why we recommend taking a trip to Santa Rosa Beach, FL, before you do. There are a lot of long term rental homes available here, no doubt. Before signing on the dotted line, they all have pros and cons you need to know. Visit or not, below are the best online locations to find the long term rental of your dreams, including:

Zillow– One of the top online marketplaces to buy, sell and, most importantly, rent a home. With Zillow, you can search for the size, style, and other factors you’d like in your long term rental. Plus, they typically have a plethora of pictures so you can see what you’re getting.

Realtor.com– Like Zillow, Realtor.com offers a wide variety of long term rentals in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. They also make it easy to contact the property’s owner and have many pictures for your perusal. As realtors, they typically have the latest long term rental information and availability.  

Rent.com. Another online portal worth checking out; Rent.com has more long term rental homes than most. They also give you tools to make your search more specific, including rental cost, number of bedrooms, and more. 

Trulia– Like the others on our list, Trulia has many long term rentals in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. They also offer insight into the area that can be helpful if you’re coming here for the first time. Schools, for example, restaurants, getting around, and so forth.

Where to Find Long Term Rentals in Santa Rosa Beach, FL

How To Rent Long Term in Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Renting a place in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, isn’t rocket science but does take some planning and preparation. It also depends on what you’re bringing with you and leaving behind in your old home. Some folks will sell their home “up north,” while others choose to keep it while they rent. Depending on your particular choice, you’ll have different needs when renting a place in Santa Rosa Beach.

For example, your new rental should be furnished if you keep your current home and leave your furniture there. If you sell your existing home, you’ll need to hire a moving company to move your things. (Or do it yourself with a rental truck and as many friends and family as possible helping you.) Below are a few other methods of renting long term in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, including:

Airbnb Your Current Home

If you want to keep your current home and use it to create another income stream, Airbnb is the way to go. They’re the online rental portal that helps folks rent their home out like a hotel. Once you sign up, you can start making money by renting your home to travelers. One caveat; you’ll likely need to sign-up with a cleaning service, also. That way, when one renter leaves, they will come in and make the place ready for the next.

Storage Unit for Your Stuff

Renting a storage unit in Santa Rosa Beach, FL, is a good choice if you’re paring down. It allows you to move into a smaller place while still keeping some (or all) of your precious stuff. For example, if you’re coming from a 4-bedroom home but renting a 2-bedroom in Santa Rosa Beach. Your new place will have less space, so storing stuff in a Santa Rosa Beach, FL storage unit is perfect. (Things you want to give to the grandkids someday, for example, or don’t want to part with just yet.)

Where to Find Long Term Rentals in Santa Rosa Beach, FL

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