Do You Need a Passport to Go to Puerto Rico?

If you’ve never been to Puerto Rico, you’re in for many wonderful surprises. Many Americans planning to visit have one big question: do you need a passport to go to Puerto Rico? And, you’ll be pleased to know that as an American citizen, you don’t need a passport to visit. All you need is a government-issued ID, like a driver’s license. The next questions you might ask are: where to stay in Puerto Rico and when is hurricane season in Puerto Rico. Well, stay tuned, because we have all the answers for you!

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Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, which means that Puerto Ricans are US citizens. This is also why mainland US citizens can visit Puerto Rico without their passports! Unlike many other places in Latin America, many Puerto Ricans speak English. Also, they use the U.S. dollar. So there’s no need to change currencies (and no extra stress from having to convert prices in your head). You won’t need an international calling plan when you visit, either. That alone makes visiting the Isle of Enchantment more enjoyable and relaxing! Check out the official website for up-to-date information about traveling to Puerto Rico.

By the way, as an American citizen, you can also move to Puerto Rico. The paperwork is minimal. Despite that, moving across the ocean is still very challenging (you need to send your things by ship)! Not to worry, because we provide self-storage locations with storage units in Puerto Rico. You can safely store your things during your move. Many people who move here reserve storage units in Puerto Rico before they arrive. This helps reduce the stress of coordinating all the different stages of your move.

When is Hurricane Season?

Unfortunately, the island is vulnerable to hurricanes. Indeed, hurricanes affect the island so often that Puerto Rico has a “hurricane season.” Hurricane season starts every year on June 1st and ends on November 30th. Every once in a while, hurricanes strike outside of hurricane season, but it’s rare. The good news is that hurricanes don’t hit the island every year. Typically, several years will pass between these destructive forces of nature. Like all Caribbean islands, hurricanes are a part of life in Puerto Rico. But, if you plan to visit, you should keep your eye on the news for hurricane warnings. The tropical weather in the Caribbean is one of the reasons it is a perfect place to vacation!

Do You Need a Passport to Go to Puerto Rico?

Does Puerto Rico have a Rainy Season?

If there’s one thing that can ruin a vacation instantly, it’s rain. In Puerto Rico, there is a rainy season. So good planning is essential. Heavier rains typically start in April and continue until November. June and July see less rain, but more heat. The rainiest months are generally April, August, and November. Hurricane season and rainy season in Puerto Rico overlap, which makes sense, because hurricanes bring big storms and lots of rain to the Caribbean when they hit.

Also, certain areas get more rain than others. For example, El Yunque receives more rainfall. This region is a lush tropical rainforest in the island’s interior. It’s also gorgeous, fascinating, and teeming with incredible animals and plants. However, one thing to keep in mind when visiting is that most days in Puerto Rico are beautiful and sunny. Rainy season aside, the island gets over 230 days of sunshine per year. Even on the less sunny days, the sun usually pokes out to say hello.

Where to Stay on Vacation

The question about where to stay on your vacation depends on what you plan to do while visiting. If you want to take advantage of Puerto Rico’s beautiful beaches, staying in San Juan is a good choice. To explore the rainforest, however, a hotel or retreat in El Yunque would be best. Many visitors like to explore a few different locations on their trip. That way, they can explore and discover all the unique places Puerto Rico has to offer. Below we’ve listed some of the best places to vacation in Puerto Rico. While you’re on vacation in Puerto Rico, you may want to visit other nearby Caribbean islands. If so, make sure to bring your passport. Just because you don’t need your passport to go to Puerto Rico, doesn’t mean you don’t need it elsewhere!

Old San Juan

Old San Juan is perfect if you want delicious food and exciting nightlife. San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico. And it is a bustling city! It’s the most popular city in Puerto Rico for many reasons. There are excellent restaurants, beautiful beaches, and the club scene is electric. However, if you desire a laid-back, tranquil vacation, Old San Juan can be noisy and crowded. Also, prices here are higher than in other places on the island.


Some of the clearest Caribbean waters in Puerto Rico welcome you in Fajardo. This beautiful city on the eastern coast of the island. Fajardo offers many opportunities for adventure. For example, you can visit Laguna Grande, which is a stunningly beautiful bioluminescent lagoon. The glowing waters will blow your mind! Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Preserve is also a must-see. As are Fajardo’s enchanting beaches. This is the perfect location for adventurers, but not so much for families. One drawback is that there are only a few activities for smaller children. Fajardo is also far from San Juan, so you’ll need to travel after arriving in San Juan. But if serene beaches and delicious seafood that you seek in Puerto Rico, Fajardo is a perfect choice.

Rio Grande

Adrenaline junkies and adventure seekers love Rio Grande, Puerto Rico for several reasons. First, the El Yunque National Forest is here, and it’s spectacular. Surprisingly, it’s the only tropical rainforest in the United States! El Yunque is also one of the most popular places to visit on the island. You’ll find fantastic hiking here, beautiful waterfalls, and exciting ziplining action. Rio Grande is also close to Luquillo and Fajardo. Two more cities with beautiful beaches and exciting nightlife options. One small drawback; it rains here quite a bit (it is a rainforest after all). If you’re going to be trekking through the rainforest, make sure to pack the right gear. You’ll need to keep important documents like your passport and wallet safe and dry while you travel in Puerto Rico.


If you’re visiting Puerto Rico with the entire family, Condado, Puerto Rico, is a great choice. Condado has excellent beaches and many beautiful hotels. There are plenty of excellent restaurants and bars. Plus, parents will enjoy the laid-back nightlife. All of these things and more make Condado one of the top choices for families vacationers. One caveat is that the restaurants and hotels can be expensive. Condado also suffers from some of the worst traffic on the island. Still, it’s a fun choice for families looking for activities and relaxation.

Isla Verde

The Caribbean is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places on the planet. To enjoy it most while staying in Puerto Rico, we recommend going to Isla Verde. The gorgeous beaches and turquoise waters of the Caribbean welcome you here. And the nightlife in Isla Verde is some of the best on the island, with exciting bars and clubs. Young couples and honeymooners are everywhere you look in Isla Verde. It’s a very romantic location! However, Isla Verde might be a little bit too crowded for families. Plus, the hotels and restaurants are more expensive than in other Puerto Rican towns.

Do You Need a Passport to Go to Puerto Rico?

Where to Live in Puerto Rico

Where to live in Puerto Rico is an interesting question, indeed. The thing is, there are so many beautiful towns and cities to choose from. As an island, it also has differing coastlines and topography. Your interests and desires will likely influence the choice of where to live. For example, San Juan would be a good choice if you plan to open a business. If surfing and sunsets are more your style, Rincon, Aguadilla, or Aguada would be a better choice. Southern Self Storage has an excellent article on where to live in Puerto Rico here. If you’re moving sometime soon, it’s a must-read!

Thinking of Moving to Puerto Rico?

Many folks who visit the island on vacation decide to move here afterward. Whether opening a business, enjoying the Caribbean, or retiring, moving here is an exciting choice. As an American citizen, it’s also much more manageable than moving to a foreign country. However, moving to Puerto Rico is more complicated than moving between states. The main reason is that you have to send your household goods on a container ship. Moving trucks, unfortunately, don’t float. Below are several tips that will help you if you’re interested in moving. Even though you don’t need a passport to go to Puerto Rico, you should make sure to pack yours somewhere safe when you move! And don’t forget about hurricane season in Puerto Rico if you’re thinking of moving here.

Tips for Easy Moving

  • Start planning as early as possible. There are many small tasks involved with the big task of moving to Puerto Rico. The more time you give yourself to accomplish them, the better.
  • Contact several moving companies to get cost estimates. Remember, you need to find a mover capable of sending your goods by container ship. (Or, at the very least, the correct connections with shipping companies.) Finding a moving company that specializes in moving to the island is an essential task.
  • Sell, donate or toss anything you don’t need, use or want. Here’s the thing; moving to Puerto Rico is much more expensive than moving from one state to another. (It’s the container ship thing again.) The more you take with you, the more your move will cost. To reduce your expenses, reduce the amount of stuff you move.
  • Consider professionally packing for your household goods. When moving to Puerto Rico, your things will be on a long journey. This means extra handling on the trip and potential damage. Having you things packed professionally lowers the risk of damage.
  • Reserve a storage unit before your things arrive. That way, if any plans and dates change, you’ll have a backup plan in place. Whenever your things arrive, you’ll have a safe, secure storage unit in Puerto Rico ready to store them all.
  • Our Tip: Don’t plan to move to Puerto Rico during hurricane season!

Puerto Rico is A Beautiful Place to Visit or to Live

We hope today’s information has been helpful. Remember, you don’t need a passport to go to Puerto Rico and we’ve discussed the beautiful places to visit and live. Even better, moving here is accessible for American citizens.

At Southern Self Storage, we’re the self-storage leaders in Puerto Rico. We have several self-storage locations throughout the island. If you have questions about storing your things, please chat with us online. You can also visit the local Southern Self Storage location nearest you. The onsite manager can give you sound advice about which size storage unit to rent. Whether vacationing or moving here, we hope you enjoy everything Puerto Rico has to offer!

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