Frequently Asked Questions

Renting a self storage unit can feel daunting, especially when it’s your first time renting one and you’re reviewing all the choices. That’s why Southern Self Storage is here to answer any questions you may have before or during your storage rental. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions that can help:

What size storage unit do I need?

Your storage unit size depends on the items you plan to store. Small storage units, from 5x5 to 5x10, are suitable for boxes, small furniture, or seasonal items. Medium units, 10x10 to 10x15, can accommodate the contents of a one-bedroom apartment. Larger storage units, 10x20 and 10x30, are ideal for storing the contents of an entire house or for business storage. Use our storage unit size guide to help estimate which size is right for you.

How do I rent a storage unit?

Renting a unit at Southern Self Storage is easy! Rent or reserve your storage unit online to lock in your rate. Complete the following leasing process online or rent your unit in person at the closest storage facility, and you’re good to go.

How do I pay for my storage unit?

You can pay for your storage unit online using our handy online payment portal. You can even set your payments on autopay, so you won't have to worry about forgetting a payment again.

Are my belongings safe in a storage unit?

Our Southern Self Storage facilities offer security features such as gated access, surveillance cameras, and individual unit locks. Our mission is to provide peace of mind while you are away from your items.

Can I access my storage unit anytime?

Many of our self storage facilities offer 24/7 access to storage facilities, allowing you to visit your storage unit at your convenience. The facilities that don’t offer 24/7 access have convenient hours to ensure you can visit your unit on your schedule.

What items are prohibited to be stored in a storage unit?

We prohibit storing items such as animals, flammable materials (gasoline, paint, kerosene, propane, grease), hazardous chemicals, perishable items (including pet food), tires, and any wet items. For any further questions or clarification, please contact the facility manager. 

Do storage units have climate control?

Southern Self Storage offers climate-controlled units, which maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level to protect sensitive items such as wooden furniture, appliances, electronics, and artwork from extreme heat, cold, or moisture. These storage units come in a wide range of sizes.

How long can I rent a storage unit?

You can rent your storage unit for however long you need. Our flexible month-to-month rental periods make short-term and long-term rentals easy.

Can I use a storage unit for business purposes?

Many businesses use our self storage units to store excess inventory, documents, equipment, and supplies. Renting a storage unit can be a cost-effective solution for businesses needing extra space without the commitment of leasing additional commercial property.

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