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How Can Commercial Storage Options Solve Your Problems?

When most people think of self storage solutions, they usually associate them with residential or personal needs. Whether it’s people moving or relocating, or others simply looking for a home for excess belongings or furniture, self storage is often equated with personal storage.

However, commercial storage units offer many of the same (and some additional) benefits for business owners in a variety of industries. From inventory to extra equipment, safekeeping to stockpiling, and even in some cases being the home of the business itself, commercial storage lockers and units offer a broad array of solutions to your business needs.

What are Business Storage Services?

Business storage often includes all of the usual amenities of personal or residential storage, but some storage facilities offer additional services specifically useful for business owners. Some of these include:

  • Electricity, which can allow you to store additional appliances or electronics that need to be kept running or online. While not available at every facility, this type of service is becoming increasingly common.

  • 24/7 access, which can allow business owners or employees the ability to load or unload at odd hours or during graveyard shifts.

  • Ability to control access to storage and sensitive equipment or belongings kept inside, which means businesses can ensure that only managers or experienced staff have access to specific inventory, equipment, or products.

  • Drive-up access in many locations offers an additional benefit for loading and unloading, making it easy to use storage and get back to the work at hand.

  • Climate-controlled units offer the ability to monitor humidity, temperature, and protect from inclement weather, which is key for commodities or property that can be damaged by any of these conditions.

  • Many storage facilities also offer hand trucks, dollies, packing materials, and other storage materials that can save you time and money while loading, unloading, or storing your goods.

Why Use Business Storage?

Quite simply, you can receive most of the benefits of personal self-storage, along with additional ones depending on the unique nature and requirements of your business. Here are some general reasons why businesses can benefit from using commercial storage options:

  • Every business can always use more space for keeping products, old or new equipment, inventory, or electronics safe and secure for future use. Commercial storage lockers allow you to keep anything that isn’t needed in the short term off-site, which frees up space at your physical location for everyday needs.

  • If you want to sell old goods, inventory, or equipment to recoup costs or investments, commercial storage units allow you to avoid throwing away these items and taking a sunk cost loss on them.

  • Depending on your business location, deliveries and loading or unloading can be a hassle. Some commercial storage facilities make this process easier. You should contact your facility first to see if delivery options are available.

  • By adding additional storage space by simply paying affordable commercial storage rates, you can save significant money in the long term from damaged or lost equipment or inventory by making the small short term investment.

  • Because most storage facilities offer flexible rental periods, businesses can rely on storage units for long-term storage or short-term, depending on your business needs.

Businesses That Benefit from Using Commercial Storage Solutions

There are literally hundreds of different business types and specific use cases in the commercial sector for using business storage. Really, anyone who can benefit from extra space or any of the points listed above can find some use in them. However, a few specific industries that benefit the most from commercial storage solutions include:

  • Retail businesses - Especially true if your storefront or physical location has very limited space (often the case in cities and urban areas), retail businesses can find storage an extremely affordable and convenient option for keeping inventory secure and accessible for future use or sales.

  • Construction companies and contractors - Similar to retail businesses, if your company is attempting to save money by working out of a small space (or even out of your own home), commercial storage units offer the perfect place to keep extra building materials and equipment for a later job that requires them.

  • Real estate or other marketing positions - Similar to above, if you are operating out of a home office or a small space in a bigger building, it can be tough to keep all of the advertising materials or signs you need.

  • E-commerce businesses - If you are selling products entirely online, a storage space can let you build up your inventory so you can meet demand and easily retrieve items for shipping. No need to lose out on sales because of a lack of storage for excess production.

  • Interior design or boutique businesses - If your business is being used primarily as a showcase for your goods or services, a storage space can help you unclutter the business proper while still keeping the materials needed to deliver goods and services for your clientele.

Commercial Vehicle Storage Benefits

As if all of that wasn’t enough, another major benefit of using commercial storage solutions is the ability to store company vehicles that may not have a safe or convenient home otherwise. There are several upsides to using this option for your business:

  • Keeping vehicles off the road during specific weather seasons

  • Holding onto vehicles while replacing a particular employee or relocating your office or business

  • Instead of being forced to sell the vehicle only to buy another expensive replacement later on, commercial vehicle storage allows you to avoid these unplanned costs, which is critical for small business owners to keep their company financially healthy

  • Since most facilities offer both indoor and outdoor storage options, you can choose the right commercial vehicle storage option for your specific needs and budget

  • For short-term storage, an outdoor unit offers affordable rates and easy pick up or drop off

  • Conversely, indoor or climate-controlled units can ensure your vehicle is protected from weather, insects, or rodents for an extended or indefinite storage period