Storage Insurance - Puerto Rico

We understand that the personal property you store in your storage unit is valuable and important to you. However, our storage facility is not responsible for property stored at our facility. That is why our lease requires that each tenant maintain insurance coverage on their stored property.

Some, but not all, homeowners' and renters' insurance policies cover property stored in self-storage facilities. You should contact your insurance agent to confirm whether your insurance policy will cover the property you store at our facility, and also ask your agent about applicable policy deductibles and exclusions. Employees of our storage facility are not qualified or authorized to evaluate the adequacy of insurance provided by your homeowner's or renter's policy.

As a convenience, we make available to our tenants a Self Storage Tenant Insurance Program administered by Cornerstone Insurance Producers LLC for our facilities located in Puerto Rico. This insurance coverage satisfies your lease obligations and premiums are collected monthly when you pay the rent for your storage unit.

The operator may receive remuneration for its administrative services, such as assisting in enrolling the tenant in the Program and collecting the monthly premium. You are not required to purchase insurance through Cornerstone Insurance Producers LLC but you are required to maintain insurance while storing with us. To view a copy of the Puerto Rico tenant insurance program please click here.

Useful Links For The Self Storage Tenant Insurance (Puerto Rico)

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All claims for losses should be directed to email, or call (800) 792-0345 to speak with a licensed agent who will be happy to assist you.