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Why Use A Self Storage Facility?

It’s a normal part of life - moving to a new home, downsizing from an existing one, or relocating a commercial space. No matter what the reason or occasion, each of these typical activities often involves a need for storing extra valuables, inventory, furniture, or even vehicles. In the case of a big move, you may be overwhelmed in trying to find safe and convenient places to keep your possessions protected for a long period of time.

However, if you are faced with a shortage of storage space, self-storage facilities are a perfect solution to your problems. With a wide array of units, amenities, services, and options for dropping off and retrieving your possessions, self-storage facilities exist to make life easier for you in any of the instances listed above.

But what if you don’t know how to use self-storage? What are typical self-storage rates that you can expect to pay? For these, and many other questions around self-storage, this guide can help you learn more about using these facilities, as well as what you can expect when choosing to go this route when attempting to find a home for your goods or valuables. To make it easier to find specific advice for your specific needs, the sections below cover some of the most common use cases for self-storage facilities.

Moving? How Self-Storage Facilities Can Help

Perhaps the most common need for self-storage units is the moving process. Whether you are simply relocating to a new home in the same area and just need storage for a few days or weeks, or you are moving your family across the country to a new household, self-storage allows you to drop off and pick up your your belongings  until you have a space waiting for them to be permanently kept. 

Here are some of the biggest benefits of using self-storage facilities for your next move:

  • Self-storage facilities often offer units for varying durations, which means that no matter how long or short your move may take, you can rent a unit and often find self-storage deals for that specific time period.

  • The varying sizes of self-storage units mean that you can use them for anything from a few extra boxes of goods or valuables, to all of your furniture and appliances if you need time to coordinate relocating over a long distance.

  • Self-storage facilities often offer easy solutions for loading and unloading, which means you can coordinate with your movers to have them handle the work for you.

  • Climate-controlled units at many self-storage facilities offer an additional layer of protection for sensitive goods or possessions, meaning even your most valuable items can be kept there for the duration of the move.

A move can be stressful, time-consuming, and expensive, and worrying about the protection of your possessions can add another layer to an already demanding process. Self-storage facilities are the perfect solution to making this a little easier on you and your family.

Downsizing or Out of Space At Home? 

A second common need for self-storage facilities often involves downsizing or running out of space at an existing home or property. While we can’t avoid reality sometimes, and you may be forced by circumstances to move to a less spacious location, if you have goods that you simply don’t want to part with, don’t just sell them or get rid of them.

Self-storage facilities are the perfect place to keep your belongings that you may want to return for later when circumstances change again, or after you complete a cleaning or garage sale and have newfound space to reclaim your possessions. Instead of making difficult choices about what to sell or throw away and what to keep, using a self-storage facility to buy yourself some time can let you come back for everything later, when you’ve got the space again.

Vehicle Storage

Whether moving, relocating, downsizing, or in the case of an inheritance, vehicles from cars to RVs to boats can be particularly taxing to store safely and securely. Additionally, if stored improperly, these valuable items can suffer extensive damage from mold, rust, sunlight, or adverse weather conditions that can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in repair and restoration costs over the long run.

Fortunately, self-storage facilities often offer a wide range of both indoor and outdoor units built specifically for vehicle storage. The aforementioned climate-controlled options also ensure that if your vehicle is particularly valuable or sensitive to the elements, you can control for humidity and temperature to protect both the interior and exterior for the long haul.

Other Things to Consider When Opting For Self-Storage

If you are facing any of these events and have decided that self-storage may be the right option for you, there are a few more key questions to consider before contacting facilities and deciding which one is the best fit for your needs.

  • Many facilities offer special rates depending on the specific type of unit you are looking for, so consider the long-term cost before signing up for a short-term deal.

  • Climate-controlled or non-climate? While climate-controlled options offer additional conveniences and protections, especially for valuable goods, they often cost a bit more for the additional features.

  • Outdoor or indoor storage? Much like the previous question, this often depends on what you need to store. 

  • Does the facility offer unlimited access for loading or unloading, or are there specific service hours? This might matter more if you may need to drop off or retrieve your possessions at a specific hour depending on your move or relocation.

  • Does the facility provide packing materials or other storage equipment? Many do, and this can save you money in packing and preparing your possessions before storing them.

If you need more help answering these questions, or learning more about the specific benefits, requirements, and rates at a storage facility, reaching out to the facility service staff to get help with these questions is always a good step. Experienced staff can often guide you through various options, walk you through the benefits or drawbacks of specific choices, or provide advice to your particular situation. Don’t hesitate to reach out, as that can help you find the perfect self-storage facility for your needs.