How to Store Wine and Champagne

When learning how to store wine or champagne you must take several other factors into consideration. For example, both can be ruined by extreme heat and/or cold. Also, you should store wine and champagne in a particular position to ensure their cork stays undamaged. In short, there are a few things you need to know and do to store wine and champagne well.

Storing most items in a storage unit is relatively straightforward. First, you make sure they’re well packed in a box or other container. Next, you load or stack them inside the storage unit. That’s pretty much it, easy peasy. Wine and champagne are a little different.

A Stable Temperature is a Key to Storing Champagne and Wine Well

You can store most items in a storage unit without regard for the temperature, whether hot or cold. However, wine and champagne must be kept between 45° and 65°F, lest they get ruined. Indeed, if you store either above 70°F, the wine or champagne inside can degrade to the point where it’s undrinkable. Plus, the cork in their bottles can dry out, which could allow oxygen to creep into the bottle. This, too, can ruin the delicious adult beverage inside.

More than protecting them from heat or cold, though, is to make sure the temperature stays consistent. The worst thing that can happen to both beverages is that they get hot, then cold, then hot, etc. Drastic temperature changes could cause the wine or champagne inside to expand and contract, which can cause leakage. If that happens, both would be spoiled, which would be, as the French say, a catastrophe.

The Solution

The easiest solution when storing wine and champagne in a storage unit is to rent a climate-controlled storage unit. That way, the temperature will stay consistent all year, protecting your valuable liquid assets.

How to Store Wine and Champagne

Wine and Champagne Must Be Stored in the Correct Position

If you know a little about wine, you’ve probably heard it should be stored long-term on its side, not standing up. The reason is that the cork stays moist, which will keep it from drying out and shrinking. At least, that’s what most wine connoisseurs will tell you.

However, testing by the Australian Wine Research Institute in 2005 found that the orientation of a wine bottle is unimportant. The reason is that, with 100% humidity in the wine bottle’s air gap, the cork will never dry out. (As long as there’s wine in the bottle.) So, yes, experts will tell you that you should store wine horizontally. Science, on the other hand, says that it’s not necessary. In other words, it’s your call as to how you store your wine, flat or upright.

Champagne, however, should be stored upright. The risk of a champagne cork drying out is much lower, so laying them flat isn’t necessary. Also, storing champagne upright prevents a condition called “cork taint.” Cork taint is a musty flavor transferred from the cork to the champagne if the seal is compromised.

The Solution

If you’re storing wine and champagne long-term, purchasing a wine rack to hold them securely is an excellent idea. They will stay in the correct position, remain secure, and easily accessible for parties and special occasions. That being said, leaving wine and champagne in the boxes they came in is also an option. Let’s be honest, wine racks can get expensive. Also, if you’re only storing a few bottles, it might be unnecessary. Lastly, in their original boxes, there are usually cardboard dividers to protect the bottles. That makes those boxes an easy, affordable way to store both.

Wine and Champagne Should Be Stored in a Dark, Dry, Tranquil Place

The challenges of storing wine and champagne long-term are to protect them from ultraviolet light and movement. UV light can ruin wine and champagne rather quickly. Too much movement can disturb the sediment in the bottom of the bottle, giving it a gritty texture.

Think about wine like a rare antique. It would be best if you protected it from light and anything that could possibly damage it. (Children, pets, nosy neighbors, etc.) The better protected it is, the longer it will keep its beauty and value.

The Solution

Knowing the above factors, storing wine and champagne in a climate-controlled storage unit makes perfect sense. Dark and quiet, a climate-controlled storage unit also stays at a stable temperature. (Plus, the kids, pets, and neighbors can’t get inside.) In short, it provides the perfect conditions to protect your wine and champagne long-term and preserve your precious libation collection.

How to Store Wine and Champagne

Final Thoughts on How to Store Wine and Champagne

Storing wine and champagne isn’t extremely difficult but does need to be done with care. That’s especially true if you have an extensive collection, which would be a substantial financial investment.

At Southern Self Storage, we offer clean, safe, and secure temperature controlled storage units perfect for wine and champagne. They’re affordable too and give you easy access to your collection whenever you like. (You can come in and out as often as you like during regular hours.)

If you have questions about temperature controlled storage units, you can chat with us online anytime. Even better, visit your local Southern Self Storage facility and meet the on-site manager. They’re more than happy to show you our storage units and help you with the rental process. Until then, best of luck with your wine and champagne collection!

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