Pros & Cons of Living in Lynn Haven, Florida

Located just north of Panama City, Lynn Haven, Florida, is one of the best places to live in the state, but there are still many pros and cons. About 20 minutes from Florida’s fantastic beaches, many of the homes in Lynn Haven are right on the water. That’s excellent news for those who love the boating lifestyle, no doubt. However, there are plenty of other fantastic amenities on offer in this beautiful Florida town. Read on to find out the Pros and Cons of Living in Lynn Haven, Florida.

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Pros & Cons of Living in Lynn Haven, Florida

The Pros and Cons of Living in Lynn Haven, Florida

Indeed, Niche voted Lynn Haven the #1 Best Place to Raise a Family in Bay County. We’ve got good schools, excellent weather, and oh-so-many thrilling outdoor activities. Of course, no American town or city is perfect, and Lynn Haven has a drawback or two. (But not many, thank goodness.) If you’re moving here and keen to find out all the pros and cons of living in Lynn Haven, FL, read on!

CON: Lynn Haven is Very Prone to Hurricanes

Although this isn’t a daily stressor, the truth is that Lynn Haven is prone to hurricanes. The last one, Hurricane Michael in 2018, left a real mess behind that some are still cleaning up. As we said, though, hurricanes don’t exactly come through every day (thank goodness). You’ll find that many folks here rent a storage unit in Lynn Haven to store hurricane preparation supplies. (Plywood, generators, water, food, etc.)

Pros & Cons of Living in Lynn Haven, Florida

PRO: Lynn Haven is Ranked Highly for Families

As we mentioned earlier, living in Lynn Haven has been voted the #1 Best Place to Raise a Family in Bay County. There are several excellent reasons for this, including the highly-rated public schools, fantastic weather, and plethora of outdoor activities. The cost of living is on the lower side here, including housing and transportation. With a strong job market and a short commute, it’s easy to see why Lynn Haven is great for families.

PRO: Our Schools System is Rated Very Highly

Of the 20 public schools living in Lynn Haven, FL, 8 are rated an A or higher. In fact, North Bay Haven Charter Academy High School is the #78 Best Public High School in Florida! That’s great news for families with children, of course, as they’ll get an excellent academic head-start.

PRO: The Overall Weather in Lynn Haven is Fantastic

If warm, sunny, beach weather throughout most of the year sounds appealing, you’ll love Lynn Haven! It’s extremely rare to see temperatures below 60 during the day or below 40 at night. Yes, it does rain here pretty regularly, but only for short periods. Most rains blow through quickly and, afterward, the sun comes right back out. Snow? That’s something you’ll never see in Lynn Haven, FL!

Pros & Cons of Living in Lynn Haven, Florida

CON: Summer in Lynn Haven Can Be Oppressively Hot

If there’s one thing you’ll definitely need in Lynn Haven during the summer, it’s air conditioning. The fact is, it gets sweltering here, especially in June, July, and August. (May and September are no slackers when it comes to hot weather, either.)

PRO: The Cost of Living in Lynn Haven is Affordable

You’ll be glad to know that, besides utilities, the cost of living in Lynn Haven, FL, is very affordable. BestPlaces shows that we have an index of 95.7/100, about 4% lower than the U/S. average. Housing costs here aren’t bad either, with an index of 92/100. Below are all of the major cost indexes in Lynn Haven for your perusal. (We’ve rounded the numbers up for your convenience.)

  • Overall. 96/100
  • Groceries. 100/100
  • Health care. 97/100
  • Housing. 92/100
  • Utilities. 104/100
  • Transportation. 91/100
  • Miscellaneous. 99/100

CON: Property Crime Can Be a Bit Problematic

While the overall crime rate in Lynn Haven isn’t alarming (we get a C+), property crime here is problematic. That includes burglaries and motor vehicle theft, which, frankly, are still well below the national average. As for violent crime, we’re much lower than the national average, thank goodness.

PRO: We Have a Shorter Than Average Commute Time

Less than 3% of people living in Lynn Haven, Fl, work from home. For the rest, there’s the daily commute which, thankfully, is only 21 minutes one way. That’s over five minutes less than the US average of 26.4 minutes. For those counting, that’s 50 minutes a week less you’ll spend staring out your windshield into traffic.

PRO: Outdoor Adventures are Everywhere in Lynn Haven

Located on the lovely Florida Panhandle, living in Lynn Haven, Florida, is a boaters paradise! Fishing, crabbing, swimming, skiing, and surfing are part of the daily lifestyle here for many. Long walks on the beach? You can do that practically every day, and most nights too! (It’s much cooler and calmer at night, and there are no crowds!)

If you’re not into water sports, there’s plenty of golfing, hiking, camping, and biking opportunities to be found. (Conservation Park in nearby Panama City Beach is one of the best in Florida!) One thing many people do here is rent a storage unit in Lynn Haven, FL. That way, they can easily and affordably store their boats, golf carts, and other adventure gear.

Pros & Cons of Living in Lynn Haven, Florida

We Think You’re Going to Love it Here!

With excellent weather, top amenities, and good schools, Lynn Haven, Florida, is a fine place to raise a family. We think you’ll agree, the pros of living in this lovely town certainly outweigh the cons.

At Sothern Self Storage, we help new arrivals with clean, secure, and safe storage units in Lynn Haven. Even better, our storage units are affordable, to make storing boats, JetSki’s, and other adventure gear more convenient.

If you have any questions at all about renting a storage unit, please chat with us online! You can also reserve a storage unit in Lynn Haven, FL, in about 10 minutes. (It’s super easy!) If you’d like, you can also stop by our Lynn Haven storage facility. The on-site manager would be happy to show you some storage units and start the rental process. Until then, we wish you the best of luck finding a new home in Lynn Haven! We know you’re going to love living and working here because we do too!

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  1. I’m retiring after 37 years of law enforcement from the Midwest we have picked lynnhaven as our Target destination. We went to live in some sort of apartment gated community. Would be open to work in part-time as well. No children 3 months away from relocating please send any information

  2. Don’t come here. We don’t like outsiders. No cops either!

    Psych- I’m kidding – but got a reaction out of ya! Good luck on your retirement and thanks for your service. Good fortune to you and your family!

  3. My brother lives in Lynn Haven and loves it there. He moved there from Minneapolis, MN. I have visited several times, and I like it there too. The only concern I had, is the water pressure in his house is really low, so when you take a shower, plan on plenty of extra time in there. Seems to be that way all over there. Up here in MN, I have great water pressure. Not sure why it isn’t the same down there. Anyway, outside of that, I think you would love it.

  4. Talking about water… don’t get me started with Lynn Haven water. I am from NJ. Water here freaks me out. It leaves my tub AND my white towels tan! It leaves a thick film when I boil tea!!! And why, pray tell, every time there is a lightening strinke, is there a “ mandatory water boil” issued! Don’t drink the water! Boil your water! Why?? … it lightenings just as much in NJ! Never heard of this my first 50 years of life! I live in a very nice gated apt complex. There is something iawry with this LH water!

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