The Benefits of Moving to Puerto Rico

If you and your family are thinking about moving to lovely Puerto Rico, you likely have many questions. What’s the weather like in Puerto Rico, for example, and how does the cost of living compare to the mainland? What are the benefits of moving to Puerto Rico? To help to answer all those questions, we’ve gathered a list of the “pros” of moving to Puerto Rico. Read on to find out why so many Americans are moving from the mainland to this island paradise.

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Benefits of Moving to Puerto Rico: You Can Use Medicare

Because it is part of the United States, using Medicare is not just possible but straightforward in Puerto Rico. Also, there are 14 hospitals and, when you need to get a prescription filled, over 120 Walgreens. Travel experts suggest that if you plan to retire in Puerto Rico, you purchase private health insurance. The good news is that, like everything else, it’s a bit cheaper here than on the mainland.

The Education System in Puerto Rico is Excellent

In Puerto Rico, both public and private schools are similar to the US mainland. That’s obvious from the island’s literacy rate, which is over 95%. Approximately 60% of Puerto Rico’s people have attained at least a high school degree, which is higher than the national average.

Puerto Rico’s higher education system also follows the mainland US. There are undergraduate and bachelor’s degree programs offered by several notable universities. One of those is the University of Puerto Rico, the largest public university on the island. The island’s largest private university system is Sistema Universitario Ana G. Mendez. They operate the Universidad del Turabo, Metropolitan University, and Universidad del Este.

the coastline of puerto rico one of the benefits The Benefits of Moving to Puerto Rico

Another Benefit of Moving to Puerto Rico? Low Taxes

The tax breaks in Puerto Rico alone are worth moving to this archipelago in the Caribbean. You’ll need to become a resident first, though, which means living here at least 183 days a year. If you do, you’ll get a wide variety of tax breaks and exemptions, including:

  • Tax dividends
  • Capital gains taxes
  • Taxes on interest
  • Income tax

When you consider all the money you can save on taxes, your cost of living in Puerto Rico will drop considerably.

The Cost of Living in Puerto Rico is Affordable

Here’s the thing; Puerto Rico isn’t the most expensive place to live, but it’s not the cheapest either. However, it’s significantly more affordable in most Puerto Rican cities and towns than many on the mainland.

A good example is a cost of renting a 1-bedroom apartment. The average cost to do that on the US mainland is approximately $950.00. The average cost of a 1-bedroom apartment in Puerto Rico? $600.00. That’s about 32% less.

That means things like food, clothing, and electronics are cheaper. Housing is also more affordable, especially renting, and utilities are cheaper too. The cost to purchase a home is, you guessed it, cheaper in Puerto Rico than the mainland.

Colorful houses line the hillside over looking the beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico, one of the many benefits The Benefits of Moving to Puerto Rico

Choosing the Puerto Rico Town That’s Best for You

From Ponce to Caguas, Isabela, Guaynabo, San Juan, and more, you’ll discover many charming and inviting cities in Puerto Rico. In fact, there are so many amazing cities here that wrote a seperate blog article on that called The Best Places to Live in Puerto Rico.

Many folks who move to Puerto Rico rent a storage unit when they arrive. That way, they can store their belongings while they search for their Puerto Rico forever home. It’s a convenient, easy, and safe way to store everything you own. Plus boats, clothing, work equipment, product overstock, and much more.

It’s Relatively Easy To Open a Business in Puerto Rico

Being part of the United States has its advantages, and opening a business is one of them. Indeed, the process is, in many ways, quite similar. You’ll need a business certificate and, if you hire employees, an EIN (Employee Identification Number). There are several other forms, documents, and tasks, but, again, it’s a relatively straightforward process. Small and medium enterprise businesses (SMEs) open their doors in Puerto Rico all the time!

Tips on What To Do Before You Arrive in Puerto Rico

Before moving anywhere, it’s always good to prepare and plan, which goes double for Puerto Rico. That’s because, as an island, getting your things there is slightly more challenging. You’ll need to bring them in by plane or, if you have a lot, by container ship. Below are a few tips that will be very helpful:

  1. Find a moving company 3 months ahead of time. You’ll need one that can move things to Puerto Rico, of course.
  2. Learn Spanish before you arrive. You don’t need to be fluent, but knowing the basics will help you in many different circumstances.
  3. Reserve a storage unit from Southern Self Storage. We’re the self-storage leader in Puerto Rico, with 15 convenient and safe locations.
  4. Start planning your move at least 3 months ahead, if not longer.

Final Thoughts on Moving to Puerto Rico Benefits

What are the best benefits of moving to Puerto Rico? From the excellent weather to lower taxes, friendly people and more, there are many! We know! We’re Southern Self Storage, the leader in self-storage here in Puerto Rico. We love living on this island for so many reasons!

If you have questions, chat with us online at any time! Even better, visit one of our 14 locations and speak with the on-site manager! They’ll answer your questions, show you our Puerto Rico storage units, and start the rental process. Until then, we wish you a very safe and stress-free move to our beautiful island!

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